Have you ever taken a video clip and wished to take a picture at the same time, if you are the owner of an iPhone device, then you are of course lucky, the iPhone device can record a video and take a picture without the need for external programs, know the method in the following lines.

For beginners: How to record: Take pictures while shooting videos on iPhone

How to record a video and take a photo at the same time

Before you can record a video clip and take a photo simultaneously, you must start with the video recording feature in the camera application of your iPhone device as follows:

  • Open the camera app
  • Click or drag to the video
  • Press the red button to start recording
  • And so you have finished the first part, which is the video recording
  • The next stage is to take a photo at the same time without interrupting the video recording process.

You should see a new white button appearing on the red record button. By clicking on it, you will be able to take pictures while the video clip continues to be recorded. If you do not see the camera button immediately, you need to scroll to the right on the video recording screen and it will appear.

Once you finish recording the video and taking a photo, you will find your photos and video clips in the iPhone's Photos app. But note that the image quality will not be the same as the traditional quality that you know because the phone does not actually take a picture with the usual techniques, but rather takes a "screen shot" of what you shoot a video of.

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