In recent times, almost all systems have adopted communication and remote work, the most important of which is education, and this undoubtedly needs only equipment, we do not say professional and if it is required, but at least the lowest degree of that, and if you are looking for an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade the work setting from home You can use any phone as a webcam to improve video quality on video chat applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, and other applications. What are the applications and tools needed to operate any phone as a computer's webcam?

Applications that turn your smartphone into a webcam

There are dozens of free and paid applications that can help you convert your smartphone into a webcam, and we have selected some for you that are good and do the required job perfectly.

NoteIn order to use the phone's camera on a computer, you need an application on the phone and also an application on the computer.

Application Camo

It is the undisputed best application and has many terrible capabilities. It has enough response speed, the ability to select the camera, adjust depth, quality and other features.

Download the phone copy, Then the Windows or Mac version of the application website

Camo - webcam for Mac and PC

Application EpocCam Webcam

This application was preferred before the Camo application appeared, but until now it remains one of the distinctive applications that some may prefer, especially as it greatly improves the image.

Download the phone copy, Then the Windows or Mac version of the application website

EpocCam Webcam for Mac and PC

For any web camera app

Whatever you download, read the privacy policy, install the application and follow the instructions to connect it to your computer, you may have to download a driver, run it through a browser or something else. You will be asked to give the app permission to access the camera and microphone.

be cerfull

Frequently running the app can drain your phone's battery, so connect it to the charger or have it ready near you when you need it.

Use your phone's main camera

Your phone's main camera will provide a higher quality photo than the selfie camera, with more options for zooming and focusing as well. Each iPhone 12 has a higher resolution of 1080p than some of the newer MacBook models, which have a 720p webcam. To get the best results of using your phone as a webcam, use that back camera instead of the front camera.

Webcam apps and video chat apps often allow you to select options like video resolution, quality, and orientation, as well as focus, white balance, and color effects.

Install your phone

Install your phone on a tripod. This will give you professional results, especially with lighting installed above the stand, to make your face look bright and fresh, eliminate shadows, and the best lamp for this is the ring lamp.


AirPods or other headphones with a built-in microphone will get the job done, but if you're using your new DIY webcam to record something professionally, you should have a good microphone.

Are you using your phone as a webcam? And what app are you using? Let us know in the comments.



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