The tech scene is seeing the second, most exciting major leak of the iPhone 13 this month. We have already heard that Apple is working on adding large storage options, and the leak that we have today may explain the reason for these huge storage capacities, which is about an amazing special camera on this upcoming iPhone.

A new report indicates that the iPhone 13's Ultra Wide camera could feature a much larger aperture than the iPhone XNUMX's IPhone 12. While the latter carries an f / 2.4 lens, the new model will increase this width to reach f / 1.8, a smaller number means a larger aperture.

And according to a report from Renowned analyst Ming-Chi KuoThe Chinese lens supply company, Sunny Optical, is on the way to ship the greatly enhanced lens for the iPhone 13 in the second half of this year.

While the iPhone 12 already offers great low-light photography thanks to the night mode, the software solutions will not be like hardware, we have seen how the true optical zoom is much better than the digital zoom, which reaches up to 100x and may exceed it, but the hardware thing is for him to develop. Real, so are cameras, and the quality of imaging based on software and algorithms is no better than the development of the hardware itself, and a wider aperture means better night photography since more light can pass through it.

Kuo also says that the iPhone 13 Pro will have a slightly improved telephoto lens. While the 12 Pro Max features a 2.5x optical zoom, the Pro is limited to 2x. This year, it is claimed that the smaller Pro model will have a 2.5x zoom like the Max. It's a small upgrade, but the 12 Pro Max's amazing telephoto lens is what made it number one in our list of the current best phone cameras, and we're glad to see it reach more smartphones.

Low-light photography is one of the areas in which smartphones have lagged behind traditional cameras, and there is no doubt that the gap is narrowing, and perhaps day after day the traditional cameras are dispensed with, who knows. An improved aperture can be a big step forward and a good thing for on-the-go photography enthusiasts.

As with all leaks, time will tell how accurate this latest leak is, but it is more expressly impressive, and it is added to the ever-growing pile of iPhone 13 rumors. From great battery life to completely new screen technology, and today with us the cutting edge camera, it seems that the upcoming iPhone news is making things more exciting day by day.

Do you think that Apple will introduce a new revolutionary iPhone? Or is it just the current S version? Let us know in the comments.



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