IToolab programs are simple and ideal programs for either unlocking the system lock of devices operating on iOS - iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so that they allow you to unlock these devices with ease. And it is one of the best ways to remove iCloud activation lock without an Apple account, it also allows you to fix all iPhone problems while you are sitting in your home like a professional, it does not require advanced technical knowledge, just with a few clicks, also change the domain of your site to anywhere in the world And much more, all in just a few minutes. Follow the article to know the details.

IToolab software suite three indispensable programs for you

a program iToolab FixGo

With it, you can solve all stubborn iOS system problems, the most important of which is to prevent data loss on iPhone and iPad when it has a problem or does not work properly. Among its most important features:

  • Fix more than 200 iOS system problems, such as fixing the iPhone and iPad stuck on the Apple logo, hanging on the white or dark screen, or the recovery mode loop.
  • Also, with iToolab FixGo, you can fix many tvOS system problems for Apple TV, mainly commenting on the Apple TV logo.
  • One click to enter or exit recovery mode.
  • The program is compatible with the latest versions of iPhones and the latest operating systems.

The program is an indispensable savior for all iOS 14 update problems, so if you encounter the problem of your iPhone crashing during or after the update, you can use FixGo to fix all those potential problems without losing any of the data on your device or needing any complex technical skills. .

There are two ways to fix your problems efficiently, Standard Mode and Advanced Mode

In standard mode, you can fix all the common problems that we mentioned above, and in advanced mode, more advanced and intelligent technologies are definitely used and it fixes all problems, including the most serious ones. At the start of the process, it is checked for the latest available update for the iPhone or iPad.

The latest available version is downloaded and then updated through the program to ensure the safety and success of the update process.

Then, all issues are fixed without any data loss.

Other important features

Enter and exit recovery mode with one click, instead of pressing the iPhone buttons yourself.

The program allows you to downgrade to an older version of the iOS operating system without the need to use iTunes and face its problems and complications other than the potential data loss.

Fix more than 200 iTunes errors that you encounter during an update such as errors 3196, 9, or 4013 when trying to backup, restore, or update your device, only by using FixGo
These and more than 200 additional errors can be fixed without affecting your data.

You can also easily troubleshoot Apple TV tvOS issues, such as hanging the device on the Apple logo and Airplane mode.

The method of repair by FixGo program is distinguished As fastJust a few minutes, And easeThat is, on your own without going to specialized technicians, And efficacyAll your problems are solved, that's not Support From the program staff.

a program iToolab AnyGo

Change the location on your iPhone with one click, as AnyGo allows you to change your GPS location without the need to jailbreak your phone and inject it with a jailbreak, with just one click, and by using AnyGo, you can either simulate the route from place to place. The device actually moves you without driving on this road, the car, bike, or walk symbol will move, and the device will talk about turn-around instructions. This feature is useful when you are in a location where neither a satellite signal nor a planned route calculation is possible. All this is possible by spoofing the GPS, and so much more is amazing.

Among the features of the program also:

  • Simulation of any location when playing LBS "location-based service" games without moving anywhere.
  • You can easily access any videos, music, movies and services which may be restricted depending on the location.
  • Share a virtual site on social media to deceive others.
  • Easily hide your location from apps and services.
  • Determine your true location if the GPS cannot find it.

Spoof any app and change your location to any location hypothetical 

In a game like Pokémon Go, you can change your location to be anywhere on the game map, see more This article...

There are four modes to easily change the location on your iPhone:

1. Immediate transportation to anywhere in the world

Here you can change the GPS location of your iPhone to anywhere in the world with one click.

2- A two-point road

Simulate GPS movement between two points along a given path.

3- Multipoint road

Go to several locations along the route on the map.

4- Joystick mode

Here, a joystick is used to make double-point and multi-point placement and instant transfer easier and faster.

5- Upload GPX file

You can simulate a specific path by uploading a GPX file

The program has more features that exceed your expectations.

AnyGo allows you to enter specific coordinates for your destination, set a specific speed, track your movement and your location, all of this without jailbreaking, that is, without jailbreaking the iPhone.

Speed ​​customization

Easily adjust the moving speed to determine your route. And you can simulate walking, cycling and driving with the custom speed feature.

Select the coordinates

Enter a specific latitude or longitude to transport your device to anywhere in the world.

Historical records

Detailed historical records to help you keep track of where you have been.

Without jailbreak

Not all of the above requires jailbreaking your device. It is safer and easier.

a program iToolab UnlockGo

Through this program, you can bypass the iPhone password and gain full access to the device, as well as bypass the i-Cloud activation lock with just one click. Even if you forgot your device password or your device is not enabled, this program will help you remove the passcode in just a few clicks, and its features include:

  • Completely remove all kinds of passwords consisting of 4 numbers or 6 numbers, numbers, letters or symbols, as well as Touch ID fingerprint and Face ID fingerprint.
  • Remove iCloud activation lock without password to enter device again.
  • Fix disabled iPhone and iPad without iTunes or iCloud.
  • Easy to use, no technical expertise required.
  • Compatible with the latest versions of iPhones and the latest operating systems.

Types of problems that can be solved with a program Unlock Go

Bypass i-Cloud activation lock without password

The iCloud activation lock appears when resetting an iPhone or iPad while logging into your Apple account and Find My iPhone is still enabled. And UnlockGo can also help you out of the following situations:

Access to device after iCloud activation is removed

Once activation lock is disabled, you can enjoy the following:

  • Access to iOS system completely without any restrictions.
  • You will be free to access your iTunes account and the App Store again and log into them.
  • You can remove the iCloud activation lock on a used device without the previous owner's account information.
  • You can prevent previous accounts from tracking the device.
  • No technical expertise is required, as the unlocking process is so simple with UnlockGo that anyone can unlock the passcode or lock activate i-Cloud in 3 easy steps, without the need for experience.


  • Supports feature "iCloud Activation Lock Unlock" from iPhone 5s to iPhone X running iOS 12.3 and later. With the iOS 12.4.5 and 12.4.6 update excluded.
  • Activation Lock will reappear when restarting devices running iOS 13.3 and above, but since you are using UnlockGo, you can unlock activation as many times as you want before the license expires.
  • You can access other functions on the device other than cell phone calls and i-Cloud for the new Apple account.
  • UnlockGo will jailbreak iOS before unlocking Activation Lock.

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iToolab FixGo

iToolab AnyGo

iToolab UnlockGo

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