Some users have complained about a serious issue that badly affected their iPhones, as some models were lost IPhone 12 The color of its aluminum body, according to a new report issued by, which includes images of the iPhone 12 red in color, has begun to lose paint in a disastrous way not seen on Apple devices, as it became clear from the inspection that it was sprayed with colors that may change At what time. Why is that? How do I protect myself from such a problem?

The story says, that in November 2020, a red iPhone 12 was purchased for their editorial office, and this iPhone is mainly used for business purposes only. According to the report, this iPhone was placed in a transparent "pouch" cover since the first day, and it was not used in any environment containing any substances that affect it.

However, a very annoying cosmetic flaw appeared, as the red color began to fade distinctly from one side of the iPhone 12‌, which was supposed to be newly built, near the power button, turning to orange. From our point of view, this is the result of a poor and incomplete superficial treatment by Apple, which led to this not good shape that is not befitting of these ancient devices.

We do not really know whether we are responsible for this damage or not, and whether the cover is the reason, we do not know, and all we know is that the phone was used in a completely natural way like its predecessor iPhone XR that we had, as nothing of the sort appeared. This is why we decided to do a little research on this problem, and found that unfortunately we are not the first and perhaps not the last to encounter this strange phenomenon.

The same problem appeared on iPhone 11, SE 2, and others

There are many posts in the forum Apple discussion That highlights the same problem. Although this does not apply to the iPhone 12, users of the iPhone 11 or iPhone SE the second generation faced similar problems with colors such as green and black, especially from the edges, and these devices were in transparent covers as well. However, the reports focused on the red color because there was more problem than any other color, especially in the iPhone 12, the fading was noticed less in iPhone 11 models in its various colors.

Reasons for fading the colors of the iPhone

◉ In some cases, the devices were enclosed in covers, and in other cases the damage occurred without covers. But a chemical reaction with the silicone surface of Apple's original coating cannot be ruled out, but there is no further explanation for what this reaction was.

◉ According to some analyzes, the aluminum coating can fade under the influence of ultraviolet rays and the red color is very sensitive to this, and I managed the device due to its transparent cover.

In our case, there is a small puzzle: Why did the vanishing appear in one of the four corners and not appear anywhere else? Also, it has not been exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, and it is always in sleep mode for long times and we only use it if they need it to work?

Apple responded

Apple does not accept this complaint and responds to similar cases that this is just a cosmetic defect that has no effect on the device's functions and uses.

The fact that there are fading or fading colors on the iPhone is something that shocked these users towards Apple because some of these devices did not exceed 4 months old, and of course no one would accept the use of an expensive device "almost $ 900" in this way.

There are a limited number of reports of color fading, but this appears to be a problem for years as there have been complaints about the iPhone XR as well. Aside from iPhone 12 photos shared by, we haven't seen similar reports of color loss on other iPhone 12s, and this may be an uncommon manufacturing defect.

From our point of view it seems that it is a rare problem, but you have to buy a suitable cover that is not tightly tightened on the iPhone, as well as do not expose it too much to the sun, and the most dangerous thing of all this Be careful not to spray it with alcohol or chlorine Or any sterilizers that may damage the sensors and the screen as well as the colors, a piece of cloth dampened with water is sufficient.

Have you encountered the problem of fading colors on iPhones before that? Let us know in the comments.


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