IPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max can shoot 4K video using HDR with Dolby Vision, Which results in amazing content. However, it is very easy to miss the full potential of the iPhone camera due to lack of familiarity with everything related to photography, its quality and adjusting its settings as it should, you may miss a point that affects one way or another on the results, and this is really what we will talk about in this article, if you want better Enabled video quality on iPhone XS and later, so make sure you don't make this mistake.

If you want to shoot video in 4K resolution, don't make this mistake

If you are someone who opens the camera app, then switches to video mode, and then tapes the record button, this issue is unlikely to affect you. So, you should focus more on making sure that your iPhone is actually set to record 4K video, rather than the default 1080p setting.

But there is a feature that you may use at some point, even if by trial or by chance, it is the QuickTake feature that affects the quality of the video, as follows.

The QuickTake feature is definitely a great feature, it was launched with the iOS 13 update on iPhones running the A13 processor, and then expanded to include iPhones running the A12 system in the iOS 14 update, and it allows you to start shooting video from photo mode, so You won't have to waste any time changing shooting modes. It's available on all of these following models:

◉ iPhone 12 series with iOS 14 or later update.

◉ iPhone SE, second generation, with iOS 13 or later update.

◉ iPhone 11 series with iOS 13 or later update.

IPhone XR with iOS 14 update or later.

◉ iPhone XS series with iOS 14 or later update.

How to feature QuickTake

◉ All you have to do is press and hold the Capture Photo button, and the iPhone will start recording the video.

◉ You can move the capture button to the right to lock QuickTake.

◉ You can also long press one of the volume buttons to record using QuickTake as well.

Or only the Volume Down button if you set the Volume Up button for continuous shot shooting.

QuickTake feature and effect on video quality

QuickTake is a great option if you don't care about your video's resolution. If 4K video recording is important to you, then that's not a good feature at all.

QuickTake records a resolution of 1440 * 1920 pixels at 30 frames per second with the default aspect ratio of 3: 4 images. If the aspect ratio is set to 1: 1, this will be changed to 1440 * 1440 at 30fps. And if I set it to 9: 16 it would be 1920 * 1080 pixels at 30fps.

The problem with QuickTake is that it will never shoot in 4K. Not only that, but all aspect ratios used with QuickTake do not support the latest Dolby Vision HDR format. We're not sure why Apple is forcing QuickTake to shoot at a lower resolution than the iPhone can do, but that's the truth.

If you want to shoot with QuickTake, enable it every time, but know that you will only watch high-definition video shooting, and if you want 4K video, stay away from QuickTake.

Are you using QuickTake for photography? And did you know that it affects the quality of the video? Let us know in the comments.


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