There is no doubt that we may be exposed to losing some or all of our data from our phones, and thus begin the journey of searching for a program that will return to us what we lost, and we may spend a long time looking for a good program that does this task perfectly, in this article we guide you to a program PhoneRescue Which is best in its class to recover lost files and data on iPhone and fix famous system-related problems easily and reliably without the slightest experience, only from home.

The best program to recover lost files

PhoneRescue is the best solution to save you and recover your lost data on iPhone or iPad, as it can recover Pictures, Contacts, or any other files, from the device or from iCloud, or even iTunes backups safely and quickly.

PhoneRescue is one of the best and most successful data recovery programs compared to competing programs, and over the past five years, this program has helped millions of iOS device users successfully retrieve their lost data.

Among the most important features of PhoneRescue:

The program is full of great features, the most important of which are:

Safely extract important data from iCloud

If there is a problem in restoring the data you need from your device or backing up in iTunes, PhoneRescue allows you to browse your iCloud account for files such as photos, messages, contacts, videos, as well as Safari data or application data, you can extract whatever you want into Your computer, or directly to your iPhone, in a safe and reliable way.

Restore all you want from iTunes backup

With PhoneRescue, you can restore all you want from iTunes backup or a specific part of it, where you can restore photos, videos, application files, and more even if it is corrupt or encrypted, without the need to do a full restore.

Recover your lost data from backup and more

◉ You can also restore photos or videos deleted from iTunes backup, even photos from third-party applications, all of them will be restored safely. PhoneRescue can quickly and comprehensively scan files on iTunes. Then you can preview all the photos and videos that have been detected, then choose what you need to recover them without losing any data.

◉ Besides recovering photos, videos and app data, PhoneRescue also recover messages and their attachments, contacts, notes, calendars, Safari data and other basic data. Even if the iTunes backup was corrupt or encrypted.

◉ PhoneRescue allows full access to all deleted content on the iPhone and preview and determine what you want to restore 100% and restore them to the iPhone directly or to a computer.

◉ The program works with the innovative “NO-DATA-LOSS” scanning technology, thereby surpassing all of its competitors.

Remove the passcode for iPhone and iPad

◉ PhoneRescue has a powerful feature to remove forgotten screen code or restrict passcode safely. Even if you don't have a backup in a secure and encrypted way, you are the only one who accesses the passcode.

NoteScreen Time passcode can only be retrieved on iOS 12 or earlier.

◉ If you are one of the iOS users and suffer from forgetting Screen Time passcode due to not being used for a long time, or you cannot remember to set the passcode or a restriction event. Don't worry, PhoneRescue comes to help you easily. You can control your device and enjoy all the features without any restrictions.

◉ If the iPhone crashes due to many wrong attempts to enter the passcode, and the passcode can no longer be remembered, do not worry, PhoneRescue comes to save you from this problem also easily and safely, with only a few simple steps. Even people without technical knowledge can fix it effortlessly.

Remove any screen lock passcode

◉ PhoneRescue provides the easiest and fastest way to remove 4 or 6-character passcode with a few simple steps, you don't need to be a professional.

◉ PhoneRescue can also remove and skip face print or fingerprint and retrieve your data in a professional way.

Fix a lot of iOS system problems

PhoneRescue can fix many problems of the iOS system, for example, the iPhone stopped on the Apple logo, the problems of frequent restarting the iPhone and the iPad, or even the iPhone stopped on the black screen. No need to search for solutions online, or waste your money on repair shops. Now you can fix iOS like an expert with just a simple click while you are at home.

You will not lose any data when the system is repaired

Many may recommend that you reset settings when iOS crashes, and by doing so, all your data will be lost. Now, PhoneRescue enables you to perform factory settings through "advanced mode" to repair iOS system, and fix all problems without erasing any data from your iPhone.

Download PhoneRescue

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