The Apple Spring conference has just ended, in which it revealed all the upcoming products, starting with the AirTag, the new version of tv, the iMac computer with the M1 processor, and of course the final product is the iPad Pro. Know with us about the most important things that came in the Apple conference in the following lines.

He started talking about the environment as Apple's habit of demonstrating how it made its headquarters run on clean energy; Tim Cook said that by 2030, every Apple ecosystem will be carbon neutral, meaning that Apple is adding emissions and carbon waste to the planet as much as it removes it "by planting trees and improving the environment." Apple products.

Tim moved to talk about the Apple Card, which is the Apple credit card available only in the United States, and quickly reviewed the service and its advantages and revealed a new feature, which is that the Apple Cards feature has become able to share it with families, meaning that the family all use the same Apple card and the primary card holder determines the credit limits for each person .

Then Apple moved to talk about podcasts and revealed a completely redesigned app to make it easier to search and find different channels and podcasts.

There will also be a podcast subscription service with special features such as early listening or exclusive content

Then Apple added a purple color to the iPhone 12, and it will be available in the market from April 30

Air Tag

Apple talked about the latest FindMy service update and announced that it had added a new product to the system, AirTag, and revealed it through a funny promotional video.

The AirTag for whom He hasn't followed us for the last year and a half It is a small disk as it appears in the pictures that you place with anything you are afraid to lose; Anything even if it's your child's favorite game.

Apple said that any Apple device with the U1 chip will enable you to track the AirTag accurately. Apple explained that user privacy is very important, as AirTag has been protected from unwanted tracking.

The AirTag is $ 29, or you can buy 4 for $ 99

The AirTag will start booking it from next Friday and it will be available in Apple stores from April 30th.

Apple TV

Tim Cook returned to talk about tv and the latest versions of the tv + service, as well as reviewing the services that can be run on TV, such as Arcade and others .. Then Apple announced the new version of tv 4K, which comes with the A12 processor.

Apple said that the processor enables Apple to run a larger frame rate of HDR quality, as well as a new color enhancement feature that takes advantage of the TV sync with the iPhone.

Where the iPhone recognizes the lighting around you and tells the TV which adjusts the quality and brightness of the image and colors.

Apple said it was making improvements in the remote, as it became aluminum with adjustments to the Siri button to become in the side and gestures on the main buttons.

Of course, Apple has not forgotten the environment in its product.

And its price is $ 179 for a capacity of 32 GB and $ 199 for a capacity of 64 GB.

Mac devices

Apple has moved on to talk about Mac computers and how the new M1 processor has revolutionized the technology and completely changed the Apple universe.

And how the love of users and developers for this wizard made it easy to update many programs, including Photoshop, to support it; Apple said it was just the beginning as it was time to unveil an all-new computer with an M1 processor, an iMac, which comes in a selection of 7 colors.

The interface for the iMac is made of a single piece of glass, i.e. no differences between the screen and the device; The edges are reduced; Internally, this has changed radically with the M1.

Apple said that previous generations included a processor, memory and graphics card, which needed large power and large fans for cooling. But with the M1, this has become so compact together and therefore Apple does not need all of this equipment and it has become a very thin device. And Apple said that in normal circumstances, computer noise is 10dB, which is difficult to pick up with the human ear easily (it can, but often the noise around you will be louder than the computer, you will not notice it). But this is what made the computer so thin. See the following image:

The screen comes in size 24 inches and Apple explained that the size of the device is close to the previous 21.5-inch version, meaning that the screen increased by reducing the edges in most. The screen comes with a resolution of 4480 * 2520 with 11.3 million pixels, meaning 4.5K quality and 500nits lighting.

The iMac comes with True Tone support like the iPad to optimize the image according to the ambient lighting.

The front camera in the iMac has become 1080p with a wide aperture to provide clear calls and image quality in low light, and the processor analyzes the image and improves every detail.

The microphone system has also been improved to isolate the noise around you.

Of course, after improving the image and the quality of the microphone, the sound must also be improved. Apple said that the audio system in the new iMac is the best ever in any Mac, and it includes 6 speakers to provide clear and stereo sound with Dolby Atmos support.

Apple said that its system not only provides strong sound, but also clear sound, and this means that the intensity of the sound did not affect its clarity, which made the company say that it provides "studio" sound quality.

Then Apple reviewed the speed of applications, browsing and games in the iMac, which clearly showed that the applications open by simply pressing them, just like on the phone. Apple said the iMac's M1 processor made it 85% faster than the old 21.5 version. It was also 200% better in graphics performance than the previous generation and 50% better than the highest version in the previous 21.5-inch version. And learning ML machines became 3 times faster than the old generation. It should be noted that Apple said "in some applications the speed reaches", meaning that this is a comparison with special applications and not general performance.

The device comes with 4 USB C ports, including 2 Thunderbolt, in the higher version of iMac, while the lower one comes with only 2 USB C ports and works Thunderbolt 4.0.

Surprisingly, the powerful 143W Mac Charger is magnetically connected to the device, thus Apple brings back memories of MagSafe for Mac, but in a new way.

The charger comes with a built-in Ethernet port. And another surprise; The charger comes with the computer (teaser).

Apple also revealed a new keyboard that comes in the same colors as the Mac and provides a Touch ID fingerprint so that you can log in to the device or services and applications using the fingerprint.

Of course, new colors have been provided for the TrackPad and the mouse, so that the colors of all accessories are consistent with the new computer.

And don't forget the environment.

The price of the device starts at $ 1299, but this version comes in only 5 colors.

While the 7-color version starts at $ 1499 and is available for reservation from April 30, as a reminder, the iMac comes with a charger, keyboard, the famous Apple mouse, and the C To Lightning cable for the iPhone.

A compilation of new features.


After a funny promotional video, a person breaks into the Apple headquarters and arrives at the Mac development area, disassembles a device, takes the M1 chip, then returns to the iPad section and places the M1 chip in the iPad; Then the intruder removes the mask, revealing Tim Cook with an iPad with an M1 processor in his hand.

The M1 processor made the speed of the iPad Pro 50% faster compared to the previous generation of iPad Pro, and 75 times faster than the first generation iPad. Compared to 75% faster in graphics performance than the previous generation and 1500 times faster than the first generation. Yes, 1500 compared to the iPad 2010.

Apple said that the storage capacity has become twice as fast, and a storage capacity of 2 TB has been provided. The device also comes in two versions of 8 GB and 16 GB memory. Can you imagine the performance of an iPad with 16 GB memory and 2 TB storage capacity?

The USB C port on the iPad has become a Thunderbolt, and it provides 4 times the data transfer speed.

Of course, Apple added 5G in the iPad like the iPhone and the same technologies that were talked about in the iPhone 12, as well as mmwave support and Apple did not forget the cameras also, which has been completely improved to become closer to the iPhone 12 camera with LiDAR and Apple reviewed how the iPad can analyze images and add Effects on it in real time. And Apple developed the front camera to become a new 12-megapixel camera.

The front camera includes a feature called Center Stage, which is a feature that automatically adjusts the image and connection so that it recognizes the main person and places them in the center of the screen. If there is more than one person, then modify the picture to include all of them.

Apple unveiled a new generation of the Liqud screen, which is the same Apple's famous XDR screen, but it has become in the iPad. It delivers up to 1000nits of brightness and up to 1600nits in HDR videos (the screen on the iPad Pro is only 12.9 inches).

In order for Apple to provide this screen, it used Mini-LED lighting for the screen, and the iPad comes with 10 thousand Mini-LEDs to provide great lighting accuracy as well as energy saving.

Apple has supported 5 new languages ​​in the Scribble feature, which enables you to write with a pen and the device recognizes what you write (Arabic is not one of them).

IPad Pro now supports PS5 game console with full features such as vibration and more.

Did you forget the environment? :)

The iPad Pro keyboard comes in a new white color.

The iPad Pro comes at the same price as the 11-inch iPad Pro for $ 799 as a start, while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at $ 1099.

Reservations are from April 30th and will be available in May.

A collage of the new features.

Do you need to watch the entire conference, waste your time, we told you everything about the conference.

What do you think about the Apple conference? And which product do you find most interesting and important to you? Share your opinion in the comments

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