Comprehensive Quran application for children From Eqra Tech, a leading company in the field of automatic identification of Quran recitation and has been working in this field for more than ten years. This application is one of the best applications for children and has been developed to help children memorize Al-Fatihah and Juz 'Amma without the help of parents, so that it is attractive, fun and encouraging Learning, learn about this application and its features in this article ...

Comprehensive Quran for children

At the beginning of the application, it begins by asking if you are a new learner or a parent and this is important so that you can follow the progress of your children in memorization and supervision.

When the child begins to enter, it does not require information or e-mail, but it is recorded automatically without any complication, and he is greeted in a fun way and begins his journey of learning. The child can choose the surah from Juz Amma, each surah is divided into verses to facilitate memorization.

The child begins listening to the verse from the teacher's Qur’an with repeated children's voice

Then he presses the record button to record with his voice and repeat what he heard.

And now the role of artificial intelligence comes to assess this reading and know if it is a correct or false reading.

And thus he repeat until he recites in an acceptable manner. If he succeeds, he will be rewarded. And he can gradually achieve good results.

There are also games to encourage him to keep learning without getting bored.

Comprehensive Quran application for childrenIt is a wonderful application and must be installed on every parent's device or child device, and it is also useful for all elderly or even young people.

The comprehensive Quran for children

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