Everyone is aware that Apple's Find My locator app works exclusively to find Apple products such as the iPhone, AirPods, Macs, iPads, and even Apple's smartwatches, but as Apple promised last year, the Find My app is now able to track More products that are not affiliated with the company. So what's the story?

Find My app can now track and find non-Apple products

Apple announced that it added more advantages to its Find My location application to now include third-party products and tools, and this means that companies can now benefit from the Find My application to support their products, which allows users of those companies to easily find their properties in the event of loss and without the need for them to These are Apple products.

Now imagine with me that when you buy any product, even if it is not from Apple, you will be able to find its location using the Find My application and service from Apple, and even if this device is not connected to the Internet.


According to Apple, the expansion of its GPS application will start from early next week, and includes the first phase of the products that can be traced, including its VanMoof electric bicycles S3 and X3 and a speaker company Belkin wireless Soundform Freedom and also the tracking tool One Spot of Chipolo (the tool is a competitor Strong for Apple's upcoming AirTags tool, but Apple wants to prove that it is an innocent angel, but wait until its tracking tool is launched and you will see the other side of Apple).

On the Apple Positioning Network, Bob Borchers, Vice President of Product Marketing, said in a statement, “For a long time, our customers have relied on Find My to locate lost or stolen Apple devices, and now we offer robust search capabilities for the service and employ its capabilities to more people through Find My network accessory.

Finally, this new program is part of the (Made for iPhone - MFiIn order for other companies to join Apple's location network, they must adhere to all privacy protection measures for the Find My network that Apple users depend on. Certified products can be added to the New Items tab and those products will receive a Works with Apple Find My badge to inform the user that The product is compatible with Apple's location service.

What do you think of Apple's new program and support for third-party products, tell us in the comments.



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