Ramadan has come, and the heart is dispersed, the soul is dilapidated and anxious is scattered, and concerns cover the heart and mind, so distractions do not end, and the requirements do not stop ... a world of diaspora in which we live, and few who take themselves with determination and seriousness, so the best of us are those who hope for the comfort of Ramadan, the tranquility of Taraweeh, and the reverence of the Qur’an . How can tranquility meet the hustle and bustle of social media, and how do we reach reverence with the sounds of notifications.

Don't waste Ramadan with wrong use of smartphones

Ramadan, the month of joy and happiness

We might think at first glance that we spend all this time on our smartphones because it makes us happy, but quite the opposite; All data and analysis showed the opposite. Research conducted by the US National Institute on Drug Addiction has shown that there is a positive relationship between the decrease in the rate of happiness and the decrease in the hours that a person spends on his smartphone. The more an individual uses social media, the more frustrated and unhappy he is. On the other hand, the more a person practices different activities away from smart devices, the more likely he is happy.

God Almighty says: “Say with the grace and mercy of God, and with that, let them rejoice. It is better than that which they gather.”

Ramadan, the month of communication

Social media is a wonderful technology and a fertile field for advocacy, openness, good acquaintance, and learning about different cultures, tendencies and trends across the globe. We did not need to feel the grace of God upon us with this modern technology, for it brought close distances, reduced burdens, facilitated communication, and formed friendships and acquaintances.

But for some, social networking sites have turned from an intellectual forum and an upscale dialogue arena to an abominable gossip that constitutes a disturbing psychological burden and causes despair and frustration, and raises boredom and contempt, as well as falling into lapses, making mistakes and indifference, and helped reduce the ethics of individuals and societies to the point that they transformed from an arena of communication and attraction to A state of intersection and disharmony and contradicts this and the principles of Islam.

God Almighty says: “And those who pray what God has commanded to pray and fear their Lord and fear bad judgment.” 

Ramadan, the month of obedience

Let us, my dear brother, we are lovers of technology and its lovers, put an end to the wrong use of these devices, especially in the month of Ramadan. Certainly, a smart person who is proficient in technology and knows every little and every big thing in the world of technology can realize that losing the month of Ramadan is not an easy thing, the Messenger of God said ﷺ "And despite the nose of a man, Ramadan entered it and then peeled off before he was forgiven."

Perhaps God Almighty will accept us, have mercy on us, forgive us, and repent for us in front of an opportunity. The Generous Lord gave us this opportunity in Ramadan.

God Almighty says: “For those who believe, and whose hearts are reassured by the remembrance of God َل Are not hearts reassured by the remembrance of God.”

Ramadan kareem

Congratulations from the iPhone Islam team to all our followers on the occasion of the month of blessing and mercy, the blessed month of Ramadan, and we ask God Almighty to accept from you and from us our fasting and our prayers.

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