Did the iPhone stop working? Or the iPad does not charge? Do you see a black screen on the iPhone and it is not responding? Or your device hangs on the Apple logo? Do not worry, AnyFix Designed to fix everything for you. It addresses more than 130 types of iOS / iPadOS / tvOS problems, and covers almost all possible scenarios. With just a few clicks, you will be able to restore your Apple device to normal in minutes.

AnyFix is ​​very important and a must have for everyone who owns Apple devices, because the program helps you a lot when problems occur and it supports all versions of iOS and devices including iOS 14 and the latest models of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and even Apple TV.

We are all susceptible to one or more of these problems and this program helps in solving these problems for beginners or professionals.

Learn about iTunes errors

Unfortunately the iTunes System Restore app is not very easy to use and often times you find a vague error message… like this one

This is an "iTunes error 9006" error. What does this number mean? What does this message mean? Mistake iTunes is divided into four sections ...

  1. Installation / Download / Update Errors
  2. Connection / backup / restore errors
  3. CDB / Sync errors
  4. Other bugs (more than 100 problems)

It is difficult to find out in which section this error, but you can review AnyFix To know the error and under which section it falls.


AnyFix innovatively provides three repair modes for iOS / iPadOS / tvOS problems. Every effort is made to ensure that the system problem can be fixed with the best speed and highest success rate.

  • Standard style

By using AnyFix's "standard mode", you can fix most common problems without losing data, such as not charging or constantly restarting itself and many more, while keeping all data on your device intact.

  • Advanced mode

Advanced Mode gives you more power to fix more stubborn issues, such as stuck in the Apple logo, unable to update, unable to restart, etc. It's easy to return your device to normal.

  • The final style

What if the device freezes or gets stuck in black / white / blue screen or DFU mode, or even won't turn on? Do not worry. AnyFix 'Ultimate Mode' can bring your dead device back to normal life.

Downgrade or upgrade to a newer version as desired

With the ability of AnyFix to solve the problems of your device, it also offers a great advantage which is the ability to easily upgrade and downgrade the iOS system to the previous version. You can get a sneak peek at the latest iOS beta, even if you don't have a developer account. Or, you can downgrade to an earlier iOS version as you wish. All it takes is just a few clicks of the mouse - no complicated manual operations.

NoteYou can upgrade or downgrade to any version of iOS as long as Apple still allows it.

Entering / exiting recovery mode

You may have heard the term recovery mode or (Recovery Mode) in the event that your device crashes for one reason or another, your device may enter this mode, or in some cases you are forced to use it because your device does not respond at all and the reasons for this are many, including that you suddenly may find a black or white screen and the device It does not respond, and sometimes when the system is updated, the device continues to restart or the Apple logo remains fixed when re-opening the device and without any response from you, also some problems such as the inability to update the device, or re-download the operating system with many error messages from the iTunes application, All these problems make you forced to enter recovery mode and then reformat the device.

AnyFix gets you out of these problems with a quick click. It does not require any specialized knowledge. There is no risk of losing any data on your device. The whole process is smart and safe.

Download AnyFix now

You can download AnyFix for free And get to know it, and if you want to get the advanced features, you can buy the full version with a discount of up to 50%.

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