Apple launched a major update to the Apple Watch, watchOS 7.4, which contains many changes that will improve the user experience, and one of the noticeable changes is the performance of the watch, many people have noticed that it looked faster, and there is no doubt that it is a welcome change. Moreover, there are new features that you may not have tried yet. Read on to browse what's new in watchOS 7.4.

More colors for clock wallpapers

Apple has added new colors to the Face Gallery. Sure, the change isn't a big deal, but new colors are always welcome, like the new indigo hue in the Stripes watch face.

Speaking of the Face Gallery, Apple has made some aesthetic changes to it as well. The Face Gallery logo at the bottom of the clock app is now different, and the Face Gallery has been slightly updated.

Unlock the iPhone using the Apple Watch

You can now unlock your iPhone even if you wear a face mask, instead of Face ID or a passcode and we talked extensively about this in This article.

You can ask Siri to make emergency calls

This feature has been added to both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Now you can ask Siri to call your emergency contacts or any designated number in your country. And when you ask Siri, it will display a countdown timer on the watch, giving you time to cancel the call in case you didn't mean to. This feature is enabled automatically, and you don't have to do anything.

You can change Siri's voice, too

On both iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4, Siri now comes with two different voices to choose from if you are on the US version. You can change it on an iPhone or Apple Watch, and Siri's voice will automatically play on both devices.

Here's how to change the Siri sound on the Apple Watch:

◉ Press the Digital Crown.

◉ Enter Settings.

◉ Scroll down and tap Siri.

◉ Scroll down and tap Siri Voice.

◉ Scroll down, and under the audio section you will see a total of 4 different voices. Click on it and choose which one you prefer.

Play Apple Fitness Plus across more devices

Thanks to watchOS 7.4, you don't need to have a TV to broadcast your Apple Fitness Plus sessions. You can now broadcast your workouts to televisions or other smart devices.

There is a problem, you can only use this feature if you are using a TV or device that supports AirPlay 2. Sure, this will likely reduce the number of compatible devices, but it's still a great feature to use if you have an Apple Fitness Plus and a device that supports AirPlay 2.

New headphone notifications

Apple is trying hard to make the use of headphones safer in the long term. First, the Noise app on the Apple Watch was intended to protect your hearing from outside noise, and now you can protect your hearing from headphones with headphone notifications.

Headphone notifications is a new accessibility feature that will notify you if you have been listening to a lot of loud sounds using headphones for an extended period of time. This will help you prevent any permanent damage if you are someone who frequently uses headphones.

◉ Press the Digital Crown.

◉ Enter Settings.

◉ Scroll down and select Accessibility.

◉ Scroll down and turn on headphone notifications.

◉ You can also do this from your iPhone by going to the Watch app, clicking on Accessibility, and turning on headphone notifications.

Have you updated your watch? What do you think of the new update to watchOS 7.4?



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