New tracking devices might come to mind Air Tag It only works on newer iPhones only, but it turns out that you can use it with older iPhones, but not at all, as the matter has details, so owners of old iPhones will not be able to access all the AirTag features. So what you can and cannot do with AirTag if you own an old iPhone.

What are the old iPhones missing?

Older iPhone models do not have the U1 chip, which allows AirTags to determine the exact location. Works U1 Ultra Wideband processor Just like the echo positioning system a bat uses for flight.

The chipset emits impulsive radio waves and measures the time it takes for these waves to travel between compatible devices. Then this data is used to calculate the location of the device and is sensitive enough to locate the device within the inch limits.

As is well known to all, older iPhones are not equipped with the U1 chipset, as this chip was introduced in 2019 for the first time on iPhone 11. Instead of using an Ultra Wideband connection, older iPhones will connect to AirTag via Bluetooth.

You can still use the tracking with older iPhones

So if you bought an AirTag and you have an old iPhone that doesn't have a U1 chip, don't worry, the AirTag will still work with your phone as well. You can pair it with your phone and use it with the Find My app to locate the tracker attached to your keys or important things.

The tracking is handled by Apple Maps

Tracking on an older iPhone model will be handled by Apple Maps. You can open the Find My app and select the AirTag that you want to track. Instead of staying in the Find My app, your iPhone will be directed to Apple Maps, which will show you the path to take to find your AirTag.

Accuracy in tracking with older iPhones

What you lose with an older iPhone is accurate tracking. Precise tracking is a feature of AirTags that allows you to find it with very great accuracy.

If you lose your keys in a square, for example, a tracking window will pop up in the form of an arrow and a space to guide you to the exact location in which you lost it, down to just a few centimeters. Without careful tracking, you might only see that they are in the southwest corner of the place, for example.

What models don't have the U1 chip?

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 series are equipped with the U1 chipset. IPhone XS and earlier models do not contain the U1 processor. And also does not contain iPhone SE for 2020 also on the U1 chip for positioning.

Do you own an iPhone XS or earlier? And do you intend to use the AirTag with it? Let us know in the comments.



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