The Apple smart watch comes with many great features and one of them is the flashlight feature that first appeared with the watchOS 4 operating system, which is really useful and powerful and offers amazing and strong lighting despite the small size of the watch, and if you have an Apple Watch, you may have encountered a red flashlight as well. Users do not know anything about it or why Apple included it in its smartwatch, we will tell you the reason in the following lines.


The flashlight allows Apple Watch users to light up a dark place, read at night, maintain night vision and even alert others while going out or jogging at night. There are three flashlight modes:

the White light - This mode illuminates the watch screen completely white, and its benefit lies in lighting the dark place around you or using it in the dark to illuminate the way.

Flashing white - This mode is considered a safety feature and can be used when you are outside to run or ride a bike at night, as it works to clarify your place and alert others to your presence and this works to avoid accidents, however it is not a substitute for safety vests with reflective lighting.

Red light - If you have tried to use the flashlight, you may have turned on the red light and you may be wondering why this color is and what is its use, and although Apple did not mention the reason for including this color, but it is very important as the red light is useful for night reading and when attracting the attention of others by waving the clock or upon request Help someone in an emergency.

Also, unlike white light with strong brightness that hurts the eyes, especially at night, the red light works comfortably for the eyes in the dark and does not disturb the person who sleeps next to you, and photographers can use it when preparing and printing photos and if you are in a place full of insects, the flashlight with red lighting is an ideal option because it It is considered an insect repellent and brightens the area unobtrusively.

How to operate a flashlight

To turn on the flashlight on the Apple smart watch, touch and hold at the bottom of the screen, swipe up to open Control Center, then click on the flashlight icon and swipe to the left to choose the lighting mode you want and to turn off the lamp, press the side button or the digital crown and the flashlight will turn off your watch Smart.

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