On the evening of Monday, June 7, Apple will launch its Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC to introduce and train developers on operating system updates, as Apple will reveal the next versions of iOS and iPadOS along with the rest of the systems. Last year Apple introduced major updates and new features in Update iOS 14Of course, it doesn't add everything we need at once. We hope this year it will bring us features that users around the world have been asking for. Here is a list of some of the features we would like Apple to add to the iOS 15 update.

Apple Car . app

Apple introduced Apple Keys in the Wallet app with iOS 14, and CarPlay has been a staple since its debut. But these steps are no longer enough, as Apple now needs to add a new Car app to be similar to the Home app.

The Home app allows us to control smart accessories such as lights, air conditioning, blinds, and more. And with the car app, we can have this experience outside the home.

Many car companies offer their own apps to control their cars, but they are bad. So Apple could offer its own app that integrates with a variety of cars, letting you remote start or lock your car from anywhere, using the app or Siri.

Always on display

One of the great things about the OLED screen is that each individual pixel can be turned on or off, which enables every phone company in the world other than Apple to activate the Always On display feature; It is strange that Apple for an unknown reason does not offer it in the iPhone, although it offers the same feature in the Apple Watch. Do you see whether Apple finally decides to add it, or does it continue to be stubborn?

Siri is smarter and offline

 There is no doubt that Siri, despite Apple's advanced improvements and the addition of exclusive features to it, is far behind its competitors. It would be great if Apple provided some of the features that Siri can offer offline like voice control built in to access or access the calendar, create reminders, control media, call, send messages, launch apps, and much more. This changed the required improvements to be more understandable and smoother about the current situation.

More system adaptation according to time

Apple has made great improvements to its notifications, but it still lacks a lot, for example Apple added a notification when you sleep, arrive somewhere or a meeting, asking if you want to use the Do Not Disturb feature or not. There is now a bedtime setting in iOS that reduces screen brightness and mutes notifications.” It has been moved from the Clock app to the Health – Browse – Sleep app.

But more features are required that adapt according to the day, for example, when we wake up, the weather and other information related to your day are displayed. As well as developing existing features, for example, iMessage can send an automated message while driving; It would be great if he could send other messages when using a certain status.

Status notifications on Apple Watch

Right now, when you charge your Apple Watch, your iPhone notifies you when it's finished charging, but what if the opposite is also true? It may be clicking on your wrist to let you know that the iPhone has been charged or that you forgot the iPhone, for example when you leave the house or anywhere without it. Or a notification that someone is trying to unlock the iPhone when he is not in your possession, for example, while you are at home, so that you can rectify the matter before the ax falls in the head and the unfortunate thing happens to you.

Turn off notifications by rating

Notifications are important. All apps send notifications; And Apple updated its system so that the system recognizes which notifications are not useful and suggests turning them off. But it would be great if Apple added notification groups; For example, message notifications include all communication services with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and even iMessage. From the settings, you can turn off or activate all message notifications together; Or you want to stay away from games and choose from the system to turn off all game notifications at once. This is useful rather than turning on and off each app individually.

The ability to edit messages in iMessage

We do not know why Apple did not support the feature of editing messages after sending them so far with its presence in competing applications for a long time. Wouldn't it be better if we could edit our iMessage? Like giant applications such as Telegram and others?

Multiple wallpapers

Being able to add real widgets to the home screen is great, and it would be great too if Apple could customize a different wallpaper for each page to our liking.

Siri again

In iOS 14, Siri stopped using the entire screen. Even though Siri takes up only a small portion of the screen now, you still can't actually use the screen without ignoring Siri. A welcome change in iOS 15 will be the ability to keep using your device while using Siri at the same time.

Interactive widget

For example, you could have a calculator app that you can use without opening the app. Back in iOS 14, you could do that when you swipe the screen left or right to access the widget, with apps that supported or provided this feature. It would be great if we could interact with the Home screen widgets, instead of having them open the entire app when you touch them.

Split screen and real multitasking

It is unlikely that such a feature will come, but some would like the split-screen feature at least on the iPhone Max. We'd also like to see draggable app windows on the iPad. Apple is really working on making the iPad a complete computer, but without some form of true multitasking, it's hard to do.

Another welcome improvement is background multitasking, as closing the app currently causes many of its features to stop. There is no doubt that this has a significant impact on battery life. But it doesn't matter how much battery some people have if they can't use their phone the way they want.

And much more

There are many features we would like to see in iOS 15 such as the appearance of scheduled reminders in the Calendar app, better mail sync, and more shortcut functionality; And the list goes on and on.

Now tell us what features would you like to see in iOS 15? Tell us in the comments



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