Apple last week did a review of the operating system iOS 15 during a conference WWDC 2021Which is now available in beta for developers. A small but useful new feature has been added which is the ability to drag and drop images, text, files, and more across apps on the iPhone. It may be too early to talk in detail about the features, but we have seen that we see you with everything new in the update so that you are aware of everything big and small in it and so that you are ready to use all the new features and take full advantage of it when it is released.

iOS 15 update lets you drag and drop photos and text across apps

show up Federico Viticci The editor-in-chief of MacStories tweeted the new feature, where he said:

Drag-and-drop across apps has been available on the iPad since 2017, and Apple finally expanded the feature to the iPhone with the iOS 15 update. Drag-and-drop across apps copies content, not moves it.

From the iOS 15 features page on Apple's website:

Drag and drop

With drag and drop support across apps, you can take photos, documents, and files from one app and drag them to another.

And for drag and drop in iOS 15 update

◉ Tap and hold an image, text or file, don't lift the finger, use a second finger to swipe out of the app and open another app.

◉ Next, leave the image, text or file to drop it in the other app.

◉ A long press on the content makes it appear to rise and stick to your finger, and when the content is dragged, there are visual cues and user interfaces that help you drop the content in the exact location.

◉ In many apps, you can drag a single item with one finger, and while dragging, select additional items by tapping on them with another finger, just like moving multiple apps from one place to another. The selected items will move together and appear stacked under the finger that drags the original item. You can then drag the items as a group and drop them into another app.

The first beta of the iOS 15 update was released to developers earlier this week, and the update is scheduled for release in September.

What do you think of the drag and drop feature on the iPhone? Is it useful to you? Tell us in the comments below.



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