One of the most important features that we have been waiting for is blocking all the ways for thieves to steal your devices such as iPhone and iPad, and many users were suggesting the feature not to lock the device except with a passcode, and because this is difficult and impractical and may be annoying for users, Apple found a great solution, and it will come With iOS 15 expected to be officially released in September. What is this solution...

iPhones running iOS 15 will still be found even after they've been turned off, according to an alert provided to iOS 15 beta users.

The alert tells...

The iPhone remains findable even if it is locked.
Find My helps you locate this iPhone when it is lost or stolen even when it is in power saving mode or when it is turned off.

You can change the Find My Network functionality by going to Find My Network in Settings.

What does this mean?

After updating to iOS 15, iPhones when they are completely turned off still send signals like those sent by other devices Air Tag The new ones, these signals do not take little power from the device’s battery, and therefore when anyone approaches an Apple device, the location of the device will be updated on the Find My service and you can find it even if it is turned off and not connected to the Internet, and this is exactly what happens with the AirTag device.

The same is true even if the thief deletes the entire contents of the device, because when you lost the device, you made it lost in the Find My service, so this device is still linked to your account even if its contents are deleted, and it will still send a signal about its location.

Important information: This feature will only be available for devices that have U1 chip Like iPhone 11 and later.

Now, thieves have only room until iOS 15 is officially released, after which their location will be known, even if they think they are safe after locking or deleting the device.

What do you think of this feature? Do you think it will eliminate the theft of Apple devices completely?



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