Many Apple users are waiting for its next event in September because it will unveil the iPhone 13, which may come with major upgrades and features long-awaited by users, and until we meet you, God willing, in the coverage of the launch conference at the time, we will present to you some of the things expected to get The new iPhone.

Powerful Features and Upgrades Coming to iPhone 13 Series

IPhone 13

For years, iPhone users have waited for a 120-hertz screen instead of the outdated 60-hertz screen. For those who don't know the difference between them, in a simple way, a 120-hertz screen means that the image is refreshed 120 times per second; Or we can say that it displays the content (the screen in front of you) at a rate of 120 images per second (not FPS like the video but means the content on the screen) and 60 Hz displays 60 images per second, and the higher the number, everything moves on the device screen more smoothly.

According to a new report, the iPhone 13 series is on its way to get a 120Hz screen this year, as the report indicates that Apple screen suppliers, LG and Samsung, are currently producing LTPO screens for Apple at a frequency of 120Hz for iPhone 13 devices. And the reason for the start of production from now is that there is a global shortage of chips and Apple of course does not want any delays in its schedule as happened last year due to the Corona pandemic, as many suppliers stopped for long periods due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, and this led to the announcement of the i-family iPhone 12, but the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro were launched in late October, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini were launched in mid-November of last year.

Huge upgrades

We mentioned above that the iPhone 13 will work with an LTPO screen and the letters stand for low-temperature polycrystalline oxide or low-temperature polycrystalline oxide, and that technology was developed by Apple, which is a back panel designed for OLED screens that work better in use. Power and able to turn individual pixels on and off on displays at minimal power resulting in better battery conservation.

This means that the LTPO will allow the iPhone to have a variable high refresh rate based on the content displayed between 1 Hz and 120 Hz, and the end result of this modification is a screen that can always be on but does not affect battery life similar to the Apple Watch XNUMXth generation and later versions Which works with the same technology because it adapts the screen to the content on the screen, so it is good for Apple to add it to the iPhone devices.


There is some new information that says that the sensor-shift OIS technology that we saw on the iPhone 12 Pro Max should make its way to the rest of the iPhone 13 series, this technology allows the camera to adjust its optical path quickly in real time to correct the image when shaking Hand or movement while recording videos.

In traditional OIS, the lens barrel is shifted sideways to keep the image stable on the image sensor, and with the new technology, Apple took a different approach and instead changed the image sensor itself resulting in more accurate and reactive stabilization. In simpler terms, this more advanced technology will mount the actual sensor rather than the lens.

We are also expected to see a new sensor with a wider aperture and autofocus which will be greatly appreciated because the difference in quality between the Wide and Ultra Wide camera is important, and we expect this new wide sensor to improve image and video capture even more.

It is worth noting that in the iPhone 12, Apple has distinguished the Pro Max with special technologies, but rumors say that it will reach the rest of its siblings, which is great for those who do not prefer the size of the Pro Max and want the best photography with Apple.

Finally, this was the almost certain news related to the iPhone 13 series, which is expected to be launched during an event to be held by Apple in the month of September this year with some rumors indicating that the date will be September 14. Whatever the date, we will provide you with comprehensive coverage at that time, God willing, through our iPhone Islam website.

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