Apple reviewed in WWDC 21 . Developer Conference iPadOS 15, which introduces new features that take advantage of the unique capabilities of the iPad, helping users increase their productivity and take the diverse uses of the iPad to the limits.

iPadOS 15 delivers an even easier multitasking experience, making features like Split View and Slide Over easier to discover and use, and more powerful. The Notes app is now fully system-wide with Quick Notes, offering new ways to collaborate and organize whether you're typing or writing with an Apple Pencil. Redesigned widgets on the Home screen and App Library offer simpler ways to customize the iPad experience and organize apps. The translation app offers new features for translating text and conversations, and users can now develop apps for iPhone and iPad on the iPad using the Swift Playgrounds app. iPadOS 15 also includes new privacy controls for Siri, Mail, and more places within the system to protect user information.

Do more with multitasking and keyboard shortcuts

iPadOS 15 makes working on multiple apps easier than ever, with a new multitasking menu appearing on top of the apps, allowing users to access Split View or Slide Over features with just a tap. Users can now quickly access the home screen when using Split View, making accessing the desired app a breeze. And with the new shelf feature, they can also multitask with multi-window apps like Safari and Pages, as well as quickly preview email.

An external keyboard experience lets users do more with all-new keyboard shortcuts and a redesigned menu bar, where users can quickly set up and switch between Split View and Slide Over with new multitasking shortcuts right from the keyboard.

Organize and customize your iPad with widgets and app library

Users can now place widgets with apps on Home screen pages, providing more information at a glance and providing a more personalized experience. The new, larger size gadgets customized to fit the large iPad screen are ideal for viewing videos, music, games, photos, and more. iPadOS 15 also introduces all-new tools to the App Store, Find My, Game Center, Mail and Contacts.

The App Library feature comes to the iPad, which was available in iOS 14 for the iPhone, to automatically organize apps into useful categories such as productivity, games and the latest additions, and allows users to access all their apps directly from the Dock.

Jot down your thoughts with quick notes and organize them with tags

Taking notes on the iPad just got better with new features that make jotting and organizing ideas easier. The Notes app runs system-wide with Quick Notes, a faster and easier way to take notes anywhere across the system. Whether you're browsing on Safari or looking for a restaurant on the Yelp app, you can display quick notes anywhere to jot down ideas or add links, providing an easy way to get back to exactly what you were looking for.

The Notes app also includes new ways to organize, collaborate, and gather information. Tags make it easy to categorize notes and make finding them faster with the all-new tag browser and tag-based smart folders. For users who work with others on shared notes, the mentions feature creates a way to notify and reconnect colleagues to the note, and the new Activity View feature shows recent updates in the note.

More natural facetime calling and sharing experiences with SharePlay

Facetime helps users connect with the people who matter most easily, and with iPadOS 15 conversations with friends and family will become more natural. Users can now share their experiences using SharePlay while communicating with their friends on FaceTime watching a TV show or movie simultaneously, or share their screen to watch apps together.

Shared playback controls allow anyone in the session to control what's playing, stopping, or skipping. Users can also view playback on Apple TV, watch it on their TV, and share the moment with friends and family as they communicate on FaceTime. SharePlay also allows users to share their screen, making it ideal for browsing the web together.

Redesigned browsing experience with Safari

Safari comes with a new tab design that lets users see more things on the page as they browse, and the new tab bar is the color of the web page and combines the tabs, toolbar, and search field into one small design. Tab Groups offers a new way to easily save and manage tabs that are especially useful for planning trips, shopping, or storing frequently visited tabs. Tab groups are also synced across iPhones and Macs, allowing users to resume their project from anywhere or easily share it with friends and family. Safari on the iPad now supports web extensions available on the App Store.

Focus Tools

iPadOS 15 offers powerful tools that help users focus and reduce distraction. Focus is a new feature that filters notifications based on what the user is doing. Users can set their devices to help them focus by creating a custom focus pattern or choosing a suggested pattern, and the suggestion may be based on the context in which the user lives, such as when he is working hours or in a state of relaxation in preparation for bed. Users can also create home screen pages of focused apps and widgets to reduce distraction and only display important apps.

The new notifications summary feature provides an organized set of notifications that can be received at any time the user chooses, for example in the morning or evening, making it easier for the user to follow his daily activity at his convenience.

Intelligent on-device technology powers new photo features

The Live Text feature uses intelligent technology on the device to recognize the texts within the images and allow users to take the action they want on them. For example, an image of a storefront can contain a phone number and users have the option to make a call to that number. With the Visual Look Up feature, users can identify objects in the image such as a species of flower or a breed of dog.

Spotlight adds the ability to search in the Photos app and web images, and delivers rich, all-new results for contacts in context such as recent conversations, photos shared, and shows the location of contacts if shared through Find My. Leveraging Live Text, Spotlight makes it easy to search for an image of a public transportation map, receipt, or screenshot of a recipe. Live Text also works with handwritten text, suitable for searching whiteboard images or notes.

The translation app comes to the iPad, offering new ways to communicate

The translation app for iPad comes with new features that make conversations easier and more natural. When you use the translation app, automatic translation detects when someone is speaking, and in what language, so users can speak naturally without having to press the microphone button. For more personal conversations, a face-to-face view allows two people to sit across from each other and place their iPad between them and watch translations of the conversation. You can now translate text anywhere on the iPad by selecting it and pressing “Translate.” Handwritten text can also be translated, and with the Live Text feature, users can also translate texts in images.

App development with Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is the best and easiest way to learn programming. Now with Swift Playgrounds 42, users have the tools to create apps for iPhone and iPad right on their iPad and send them straight to the App Store, providing new ways for everyone to create and share apps with the world. Programming is instantly reflected in the live preview while creating apps, and users can run their apps in full screen mode to experience it.

Swift Playgrounds
Size419.0 MB
Available on the software store

Additional Features in iPadOS 15

Comprehensive control allows users to work with a single mouse and keyboard and switch between Mac and iPad for a seamless experience without the setup process. Users can also drag and drop any content between devices, which is convenient for drawing with the Apple Pencil on an iPad and then placing the drawing on a Keynote slide on a Mac.

The Memories feature in the Photos app has seen its biggest update ever, with a new look, an immersive interface and integration with Apple Music, which uses smart on-device technology to customize song suggestions that bring back memories.

Maps offers new ways to navigate and explore. Users will enjoy greatly improved city details for neighborhoods and business districts, elevation details, buildings, new road colors and markings, custom-designed landmarks, and a new night mode with moonlight.

Privacy is taken to a whole new level, with new security and transparency features and controls. Mail Privacy Protection helps prevent trackers from snooping on your email, and the App Privacy Report provides transparency about how apps share information with other companies.

Siri is designed to protect user privacy. Now, with on-device speech recognition, voice-related Siri requests are completely processed on the iPad by default, and performance is greatly improved. Siri has also been added to announcing notifications on AirPods, allowing users to share what's going on on their screen as soon as they ask, among other features.

iCloud+ brings everything users love about iCloud with new premium features like Hide My Email, expanded support for HomeKit Secure Video, and an innovative new internet privacy service, iCloud Private Relay, at no additional cost.

Existing iCloud subscribers will automatically upgrade to iCloud+ this fall. All iCloud+ packages can be shared with people in the same Family Sharing group, so everyone can enjoy the new features, storage, and improved experience that come with the service.

New accessibility features Designed to fit your style, the VoiceOver screen reader uses machine intelligence to discover things in photos, allowing users to explore more details about the people, text, spreadsheets, and other things in photos.

Support for third-party eye trackers allows users to control the iPad using only their eyes. Background sounds are constantly played and mixed or subsided under system and other sounds to mask unwanted environmental or external noise, helping users focus, stay calm, or feel comfortable. The Sound Actions feature also allows users to customize the switch control to work with mouth sounds. Users can now customize the screen and font size in each app individually.

When is iPadOS availableتاح

The developer beta of iPadOS 15 is now available to members of the Apple Development Program, and a public beta release will be available to iPadOS users next month at

The final version will be available this fall as a free software update for iPad mini 4 and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad XNUMXth generation and later, and all iPad Pro models.

What is your favorite feature of the upcoming iPadOS 15? Do you use the iPad continuously and depend on it?

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