Apple does not require wearing masks after vaccination, a defect in the iMac M1 holder; New classic games added for Apple Arcade, LG sells Apple devices, game consoles for Apple, black ceramic Apple Watch and other exciting news on the sidelines…

Preventing Apple from pre-installing its apps on the iPhone

Apple may not be allowed to sell iPhones with its own installed apps under a proposed US antitrust law unveiled last week.

Instead of pre-installed apps, Apple will have to offer users other app options to download. Preventing Apple from selling iPhones with its own apps installed will fundamentally change the process of setting up the iPhone, and will lead to a mess and a more complicated and possibly more expensive process, as a user may purchase an application for a job and not know that Apple is providing it to them for free.

The law will also apply to other companies such as Amazon Prime, Facebook and Google whose apps are installed by default on some devices.

Use AirPods to provide users with more health data

In a wide-ranging interview about Apple's work and progress in health, Apple Vice President Kevin Lynch hinted that Apple might one day use sensors with AirPods to provide more health data to customers.

Currently, the iPhone and Apple Watch use a wide range of sensors to provide users with data and health information independently. In addition, Apple also uses sensor fusion, which collects data from sensors on the watch and iPhone to provide users with a more comprehensive view of their health. In the future, Apple intends to add “AirPods” to the sensor integration process to provide more health data to Apple users.

Apple Watch 5 in black ceramic

Apple is planning to produce a black version of the Apple Watch 5 made of black ceramic, according to newly leaked images shared by famous leaker Mr. White on Twitter, showing a black ceramic Apple Watch prototype, along with the white ceramic version.

The ceramic Apple Watch 5 was never available in a black color option, but it was available in glossy white. Apple has marketed the white ceramic Apple Watch version as a high-end option starting at $1249, due to its very unique look. At the time, Apple praised the ceramic casing for being strong, stronger than stainless steel, and light and resistant to scratches and dirt.

Some Apple Card customers were unable to make purchases for two days in a row

On Monday, Apple said that some customers won't be able to make in-store purchases with the Apple Card, and two days later, the issue is still there. These new issues come on the heels of a widespread Apple Card outage earlier this month that lasted several hours, affecting all customers. The current issue some customers are experiencing is limited to in-store purchases, but online purchases seem to be working as usual.

The Apple System Status page has now reported that the issue has been resolved and that the ‌Apple Card‌ is working as usual.

Tim Cook highlights iOS 15 privacy protection in new video فيديو

Apple has released a new YouTube video for European countries focusing specifically on the new privacy features that come with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. The video, titled “Privacy,” begins with CEO Tim Cook speaking to the camera and explaining Apple's firm position on the subject. :

“At Apple, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. We work tirelessly to incorporate it into everything we make, which is fundamental to how every product and service we introduce into the world is designed and engineered.

While others have focused on making customers the commodity, collecting ever-increasing amounts of personal information, we have focused on the devices themselves and how they benefit people and preserve their privacy. This means offering countless features that give users transparency and choice about how their data is collected, used, and shared.

We know that privacy is a priority for our users in Europe and around the world. That's why we're always striving to set higher standards, with new tools that put people first when it comes to managing their own data.

The Apple Watch 7 will feature a thinner bezel, a faster processor, and a major technological advancement

This year's Apple Watch 7 will likely have thinner screen bezels and will use a new technology that brings the screen closer to the front cover, that's other than adding a faster processor, improved wireless connectivity, and an updated screen. AirTags, although additional biometric health sensors will likely be traced back to a later model.

Apple had previously aimed to put a body temperature sensor on this year's model, but it will likely be included in the 2022 update. It's unlikely that Apple will include a blood sugar sensor soon.

Photos app in iOS 15 tells you which apps your photos were saved from

In the iOS 15 update, Apple made some improvements to the Photos app such as the ability to see the EXIF ​​data of an image. The latter feature is accessed via a new Info button, which also shows a caption field for the selected photo, the location where the photo was taken, and any available search information.

The information button will also tell you the application on your device from which the image was saved - if you did not take it using the camera - for example, you open a photo, and it tells you that it was saved from Telegram, another from Safari, and a third from Google Drive, for example, and thus you know where this image came from on your device if you I may have forgotten.

Apple Introduces New On-Screen Game Controller Available to Developers on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

During the Platforms State of the Union event at WWDC this week, Apple unveiled a new API for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 that enables developers to implement an on-screen virtual console in iPhone and iPad games with just a few lines of software codes.

Many iPhone and iPad games already provide on-screen controls, but the presence of Apple's new virtual console will make it available to all developers as well as easy to add and can be customized on a per-game basis. Apple said the onscreen controller can be adjusted to fit a variety of layouts, with up to four buttons and a thumb stick, d-pad or touchpad available on the left and right side.

“The new on-screen controls for iPhone and iPad look amazing, and have been carefully tuned to fit hand-sized grip positions and deliver great feel and response,” said Nat Brown, an Apple engineer working on gaming technologies.

The next iPad mini will have thinner bezels, a USB-C port and a power button with a fingerprint

Leaker Jon Prosser has shared mock-ups that show the alleged design of the next generation iPad mini. The leaker said the design he posted is based on schematics, CAD files and real photos of the device. He says the new device will have slimmer bezels around the screen and no home button, with Touch Transfer. ID to the power button like the latest iPad Air. The report adds that the new iPad mini will switch from a Lightning connector to USB-C and will have "significantly improved" speakers.

According to Prosser, the new iPad mini will be powered by the A14 chip, support 5G, and be compatible with the new smaller Apple Pencil. The device will be launched by the end of the year in three colors: black, silver and gold.

Apple working on redesigned iCloud Mail for the web

Apple has begun testing a major redesign of the iCloud Mail web experience so that the design is more in line with recent design changes made in macOS Big Sur.

The new design, currently in beta, has a better layout and allows users to compose email messages in a smaller window in the middle of the screen, rather than opening an entire window in a new window. As the new design is in testing, it will likely be available to all ‌iCloud‌ web users later this fall.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Apple is said to be looking into a new partnership with LG that will allow the latter to sell iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches at more than 400 of its retail stores in South Korea.

◉ Twitter is considering giving users the ability to "not mention" themselves in other people's tweets as part of the social media platform's broader privacy campaign.

◉ Mayo Clinic Group has launched a "non-profit medical education and research group" in support of the iPhone Health Records feature, allowing Mayo Clinic patients to add their medical records to the Health app. Health Records is a feature designed to allow patients to view and collect all their health data in one easily accessible place on the iPhone. More than 700 institutions and 12000 care sites now provide support for health records in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

◉ Last April, Apple started adding classic games to Apple Arcade, and this week, it announced three new games coming in the near future: Angry Birds Reloaded, Doodle God Universe, and Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City.

◉ The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) today announced an investigation into Apple and Google's "dual-monopoly" over phone systems, just one day after a similar investigation was launched in Japan.

◉ Apple offers a free one-year trial of Apple TV+ with any iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch purchased. This promotion ends June 30, and Apple has updated its website to show that as of July 1, the included free trial has been reduced to three months with eligible device purchases.

◉ YouTuber iPhonedo posted a review of the ‌M1‌ iMac, and found that his device appeared to be visibly tilted on one side after it was attached to the stand. This appears to be a manufacturing defect that causes the monitor to mount on the stand in a completely misaligned manner, resulting in a warped screen. Not only that, other customers have complained about this problem.

◉ Apple has launched silicone iPhone cases for iPhone 12 in a series of new colors that include Sunflower, Cloud Blue and Electric Orange.

◉ Apple released iOS 12.5.4 update for older iPhones that provides important security updates and is recommended for all users.

◉ Apple has released the third beta update of iOS 14.7, macOS Big Sur 11.5, macOS Big Sur 11.5 and tvOS 14.7 to developers for testing.

◉ Apple will no longer require vaccinated customers to wear masks inside US retail stores, a major policy shift compared to last month, but employees will still wear masks.

◉ After years of neglect, Adobe removes the free “Photoshop Mix” and “Photoshop Fix” apps from the App Store on June 21, 2021 and advises users who used the apps to switch to using Photoshop Express Photo Editor, which requires either a monthly or yearly subscription to get a photo Deeper editing.

◉ Apple is developing a new passkey feature that allows customers to use account authentication based on Face ID and Touch ID instead of a password. This feature is called “Passkeys in iCloud Keychain,” a feature in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, that stores WebAuthn credentials A new passkey called the iCloud Keychain. It is used in place of the password for account creation and login, with one click to login.

◉ The next time you try to speak in a FaceTime call on iOS 15 with the microphone muted, iOS will provide you with an alert to turn the microphone back on so others can hear you.

This is not all the news that is on the sidelines, but we have brought you the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with every oddity and incidence,
There are more important things that you do in your life, do not let the devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to facilitate life and help you in it, and if it robs you of your life and preoccupies you, then there is no need for it.


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