Away from the raging conflict between Apple and Facebook over privacy and data of iPhone users, there is a hidden enemy that works in the dark such as the vampire or vampire that feeds on the blood of users’ data. In Android 12, the encryption of messages and the privacy sandbox or privacy box, but do not let these appearances fool you, because the truth is that Google is the largest company that has data for users and uses that data for the advertising network that runs through its various services, the most famous of which is YouTube and the famous search engine. Therefore, many advise that you delete the Google Maps application from the iPhone for these reasons.

Location data

Location data has been one of the things that has been used to monitor and track users for years until first iOS and then Android gave us options to restrict that feature and prevent many apps and games from accessing that data that you don't really need to function.

But assuming you've denied Application Collection access to location services in your device's settings; You can't do the same with map apps that really need access to location data in order to do their job properly. With the weakness of Apple Maps in our Arab world, many iPhone users rely on Google Maps. In the following lines we will tell you about privacy about Maps; Although Apple Maps and Google are both map applications; But their approach to your data is different.

Google maps

The previous image shows that all the data that Google Maps says it may collect is linked to your personal identity, this is how Google works, everything is linked together to build your profile that includes all the different data about you.

Google says, “Maps is designed to protect your information. We provide controls to easily manage your settings and use industry-leading technologies such as differential privacy to keep your data safe. We continue to make Google Maps the best and most accurate way to navigate, explore the world, and provide rich activity information. Local merchants, best-in-class search and navigation, useful features, and live traffic and queuing information at restaurants and stores.”

Of course, Google provides great services to users but there is a fine line between data usage and privacy violation, specifically when your business model is built primarily on user data and targeted ads, and you can be sure that it accesses the data when you click on its privacy section where Google indicates that you can turn off an app Maps collects data on your iPhone by selecting an incognito mode, meaning that any data collected according to its privacy label is not associated with specific individuals or accounts.

But this supposedly more private (Incognito) mode has serious implications such as no location history, sharing, search history, or even restrictions on navigation, offline maps, or places you visit, but on the plus side, Google will stop Store your personal location history and schedule.

Apple Maps

Google Maps has always been the first and preferred choice for most iPhone users because it is the most popular on the App Store and the best in terms of functions and features compared to the Apple Maps application, which was not as competitive in front of the Google application, but now with the announcement of iOS 15, you want Apple would have these users think again about Apple Maps and move away from Google Maps.

Apple says, “The company is committed to building the best map in the world, and iOS 15 takes Maps even further with entirely new ways to navigate and explore, and users will experience greatly improved detail in cities, neighborhoods, business districts, and buildings with new roads, labels, custom landmarks, and there is a new Night Mode. It is the glow of the moonlight.”

Unfortunately, most of the new features and functions in maps are not available in 95% of the planet; It suffices to know that the new Apple Maps is available in only 6 countries now; that even if you live in Germany and France, you will not find new maps; What is the matter with the Arab world? So we can ignore the great new functionality coming in Apple Maps with iOS 15. But we can't overlook privacy, which is the defining factor of Apple Maps over Google Maps, and the idea is that you can get Google-like functionality without compromising your privacy or paying for your data on Google Maps. Unlike Google's business model based on user data, don't be fooled by Google's announcements of privacy features with new restrictions similar to what Apple did. While Google is trying to catch up with Apple when it comes to user privacy, the motivations and potential end result are very different for the two companies.

In the end if you only use maps for navigation; Most likely, Apple Map will offer you the job; But if you rely on it to know the exact details of the stores and the traffic situation; Mostly you will have to go to Google Maps; But keep your privacy in mind.

Which one do you use on your device, Apple Maps or Google Maps and why, tell us in the comments



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