BG Remover AI is an application that removes the background from photos, without any effort from you, just let the AI ​​recognize the photo and remove the background.

BG Remover AI

The application deletes the background with great accuracy and without your interference, and what distinguishes the BG Remover AI application is that you can use the artificial intelligence of the device and even without the Internet the application will work, so the application is safe for the use of women and anyone must be careful when using photo applications and close the Internet because a lot of These applications upload images to private servers.

But some images are complex and need special servers for artificial intelligence, so we have put an option to process images on advanced artificial intelligence servers, and we guarantee the privacy of these servers in case you want to try this feature, all you have to do is open the Advanced Online AI option.

The application also gives options to make pictures stickers by setting borders around the image, so that you can use it in social media, and soon the application will be updated to support WhatsApp and the application of Apple messages.

Also, you can change the background and choose one of 50 different backgrounds, all with the utmost ease and simplicity.

The application offers another important feature, which is the ability to crop transparent images, as the Apple Photos application eliminates the transparency of the image when cropped.

Download the app from the Apple Store

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