One of the coolest weather apps free for a limited time, a unique video editing app, an app that improves your skill in mental math and quick calculations, and more in the best apps of the week options as selected by iPhone Islam editors is a complete guide that saves you effort and time searching among piles more than 1,794,052 Application!

IPhone Islam Picks for this week:

1- Application ONE METEO

This application is one of the most wonderful weather applications that I have installed on my device. We know when the developer will refund the original price again, so it should be noted, always follow the Friday article immediately upon publication, and the other thing is always check the price of the application in the store.

ONE METEO - local weather
Dmitry Alaev
Size54.2 MB
Available on the software store

Note: Most of the apps are free to download or free for a limited time, but some may contain a monthly subscription, ads, or additional paid features.

2- Application Start Here

The idea of ​​this application is very good, sometimes you have a video, but the best clip in it is not at the beginning, but in the middle. This application gives you an indicator to start the video from the best part of it, and then the application rearranges the video to start from this part, and of course because the video is in platforms such as Instagram It is repeated and the follower does not notice this. This trick is good to draw the attention of those who watch the video without getting bored, and at the same time the video is placed in full.

Start Here by Tinrocket
$ 1.99
Tinrocket, LLC
Size18.4 MB
Available on the software store

3- Apply IntelliMath

This app offers an easy way to learn quick addition yet very attractive. You will be shown a number and your task is to select all the numbers that when combined can reach the target number. It seems very simple isn't it? But as the game gets more difficult the more you level up, and the more you play, the better you will be at mental math and quick calculations.

Abinodh Otharamannil Thomaskutty
Size14.5 MB
Available on the software store

4- Application Internet Speed ​​Test

When you notice that your Internet is slow, and you wonder and wonder whether this slow of applications or the Internet itself has a problem, it is a good time to use this application that measures your Internet speed and is characterized by neutrality, as some other applications have an agreement with Internet distributors to show contrary results In fact, these apps also tell you if the most popular apps will work well or not for your internet speed.

Internet Speed ​​Test - Meteor
Opensignal Inc.
Size35.2 MB
Available on the software store

5- Application Drops

Imagine that learning vocabulary for any language could be like a game, rather than a boring routine. This is the idea of ​​Drops: it takes away the “boredom” of language learning, as useful vocabulary sticks to your memory through adorable illustrations and fast-paced games. And the fun part? It takes 5 minutes a day. In fact, this is the time required.

Drops Kahoot! Learn a Language
Size142.7 MB
Available on the software store

6- Application GoDaddy Studio

The popular Over app is now called GoDaddy Studio, and it seems that the famous domain company GoDaddy bought it, this app is the easiest photo editor and story maker, you don't need design skills, create amazing videos and design professional graphics and ads in minutes.

GoDaddy Studio: Graphic Design
GoDaddy Mobile LLC
Size132.4 MB
Available on the software store

7- game Football Cup 2021

Currently this is the best soccer game on the play store, sure many old football game lovers know it and it is more popular on the Nintendo Switch platform but it works just as well on mobile devices, try it and tell us what you think about it.

Soccer Cup 2021
Inlogic Software sro
Size159.3 MB
Available on the software store

Please don't just thank. Try the applications and tell us which one is better in the comments. Also, you should know that by downloading the applications you support the developers, thus they produce better applications for you and your children and thus the application industry will thrive.

* And do not forget this special application

Hidden Message Dot App
Size3.2 MB
Available on the software store

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