The iPhone may be the best smartphone, but this does not come without a cost, as we find that the prices of new iPhones are rising every year exaggeratedly, and if you have a limited budget, you will not be able to upgrade your device regularly. Most iPhone devices are good enough to last for five to six years without any problem, however you also need to do some things so that the device lasts with you for as long as possible and let's get to know some tips that will help make your iPhone live long before you think Upgrade and buy a new device.

Save the battery

Although iOS is smart enough to handle overcharging for you, it is best to keep your iPhone between 20% and 80% if you want to preserve its lifespan. the battery For as long as possible and for this you need to charge the device when it reaches 20% and if you can’t charge it then try to stop using it and on the other hand you should try to avoid 100% full charge of the iPhone battery, this will help the battery life positively and the iPhone will last -Your iPhone is longer.

Clean up the iPhone

We don't mean that you should clean your iPhone to get rid of anything stuck on it, whether it's dust or other things, but we mean that you don't forget to clean the device From the inside, we mean deleting files such as applications, photos and videos that you do not need because they hinder the device from working as usual and may cause slow performance if there is not enough space on your device and this is normal because the system cannot create temporary files to speed up the device.

Device lock

You may think that the case is not important but in many situations, it acts as the shield that protects the iPhone and you may also want to add a protector to secure your device screen and prevent any scratches or even crashes and of course using a screen protector is much cheaper than replacing the entire screen, do not indulge in Things like that, remember being careful is much better than being sorry.

suitable environment

According to Apple, iPhones are designed to operate at different temperatures, however it recommends that the surrounding environment be suitable, which means that the temperature should be between 16 to 22 degrees Celsius (or from 62 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit) and it is necessary that the iPhone is not exposed to iPhone for temperatures over 35°C (or 95°F), why, because high or low temperatures can damage battery capacity IPhone your device or even causing permanent damage to the device itself, which is of course what you do not want until the device lasts with you for years.

good accessories

Sometimes we buy a cheap charger or cable but that can damage your iPhone in the long run. Many non-branded chargers and cables do not comply with the iPhone standards and can cause problems not only to the device but can even start fires or cause accidents. This is why using a more expensive charger or cable from the first party may be the best way to maintain your iPhone.

Restart the iPhone

It may sound a bit strange, but shutdown your device IPhone From time to time it helps to restore its speed and performance and work more smoothly because some applications may cause problems even after closing them, especially with old iPhone devices.

If you don't want to turn it off completely, you can quickly turn it back on, and that will do the trick but it's best to shut down the device for a few minutes repeatedly even once a week and so it will work fast.

Operating system update

Updating the system is very important for many reasons such as getting rid of security issues and bugs as well as improving the quality and overall usefulness of your iPhone.

Some OS updates will help make your device perform better than ever while others may improve battery life without you even noticing. Not to mention you might miss out on some great new features if you don't update, and since your six-year-old iPhones still support iOS 15, there's no excuse not to update your device and extend its life for more years.

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