Apple is famous for its attention to detail and its smooth and elegant products, and this is unmistakable, but when it comes to design, it is not always perfect, as some Apple products have been criticized for their less than perfect designs, but the most criticism was from its most famous product, the iPhone, which may be One of the best camera phones, but when it comes to receiving calls, Apple may need to put some effort into making it better.

incoming call

If you've ever received a second call while a call is already in progress, you've probably experienced confusion and anger to decide what to tap because Apple throws a bunch of emoticons in your face making your decision even more confusing.

iPhone users' opinions

One user says, “This is the most confusing thing ever and I always end up with the wrong person,” while another adds, “My heart rate speeds up just by looking at this interface.” And there are those who point out that it is easier to defuse a bomb than figuring out what to press in The second incoming call screen on the iPhone.

There may be criticisms about that screen but there are a lot of dissenting voices as well with one Twitter user saying "the icons are really easy to understand on the screen" while another said "it literally says what the icons do under it you can't read it yourself".

For me, I see that the screen is not the simple, smooth design that we are accustomed to from Apple, where you feel that there is something unclear about these icons. However, Apple can easily re-design the call screen, especially since some users have provided designs inspired by their imagination about how Apple can improve The second call interface.

Finally, Apple products are always smooth, simple and have a great design thanks to their team of designers who focus on building something they want to use themselves, ensuring its beauty and genius, but sometimes there are designs that are not perfect as with the second call screen but arguably worse Apple designs the Magic Mouse 2.

Do you feel that the second call screen is causing you some confusion and not easy, tell us in the comments.



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