There is no doubt that some of us may experience annoying issues in the iOS system despite the continuous updates that include a bouquet of important fixes, which has made the system more productive and resilient than ever before, it has not and will not reach perfection, the iPhone still does some things that looks strange. The good thing is that there is always a solution and ways to overcome most of these problems. Here are some of these annoying things and how to fix them easily.

iPhone screen lights up with every notification

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Your iPhone wakes up every time you get a new notification. This behavior negatively affects your phone's battery life and also leads to distraction. However, there is no specific setting that you can toggle to cancel this, unless you turn off app notifications one by one.

The most convenient solution to prevent this is to set up a Do Not Disturb mode that silences alerts automatically, but you have to allow anything else, like calls, to operate normally.

To do this, all you have to do is customize the Do Not Disturb settings and make it active all day from the Turn on automatically setting. Additionally, you can select Everyone from the Calls From section to ensure that it does not affect incoming calls. And if there are specific app notifications that you need and you need the iPhone to wake up, you can create exceptions from the Notifications Allowed settings in Do Not Disturb as well.

Of course, with iOS 15, you will have better options, which is the focus to allow the notification that suits the current time, whether it is work, home or sports.

iPhone refuses to charge more than 80%

Smartphone batteries are gradually losing their capacity. One of the ways companies expand their endurance is to prevent you from fully charging and completing a full charge cycle each time. Apple has included a feature that helps with this with a specific setting by default, which is why you often find your phone stuck at 80% even after plugging it in for hours.

For iPhone owners who don't find 80% enough, it's easy to deactivate the Enhanced Charging feature. Head to Settings, then Battery, then Battery Health and turn off the Enhanced Charging feature.

iPhone screen brightness unstable

On iPhone X and later, Face ID is not just about authentication. It is even constantly active to keep track of whether you are paying attention or not. When it detects that you're looking away, the iPhone dims the screen. So, if your iPhone screen brightness fluctuates strangely despite setting it manually, you might want to turn off Attention Aware or the attention-tracking features of Face ID.

Go to Settings, then Face ID & Passcode and turn off Attention Tracking Features.

The microphone volume continues to drop during calls

Anytime you make a call, your iPhone monitors the ambient noise around you and stops any loud interference so that the other person can better hear your voice. This feature isn't perfect, and more often than not, it can inadvertently impair the quality of your voice as well.

So if the other party you are talking to reports that you are not hearing well, turning off this noise canceling option may solve the problem, no doubt it works best in noisy environments where your iPhone can accurately distinguish between your speech and unnecessary sounds in the background.

To solve this problem, you can go to Settings, then Facilities, then Audio-Visual, and disable “Phone Noise Cancellation”.

Are you facing any problems with your iPhone? Mention it in the comments so that we and your brothers can help solve it.



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