We have talked repeatedly about Apple’s entry into the field of subscription services, and the company’s strategy has varied in different ways between services, and some services have been overwhelming success since its inception, such as Music, and others have a slow start and began to accelerate later, such as TV + service, and between these two services comes the arcade game service and we have talked about it in -This article- Where Apple helps many game studios and concludes deals with other studios to publish high-quality titles on the service for a small amount per month to enjoy all the games, but Apple's strategy is not clear here and has some shortcomings, so what is missing from the arcade service to reach the success it deserves?

Apple's imperfect arcade and strategy games

Game quality is not the problem

The Arcade service contains many games that are exclusive or shared with PlayStation and Xbox, all of them are of high quality designed in collaboration with studios or old popular games revived specifically for Arcade but without any additional in-app purchase or ads, just play without interruptions . There are many more examples that you can try out on your own during the month-long free trial. titles like Fantasian و World of demons و Earth night و The pathless. And many more (you can compress the names of the games to display in the store).

(The game in the picture above is Redout: Space Assault)

Redout: Space Assault

There are games that attract fans of popular series, but more is missing

It is known in the gaming world that if you want a loyal customer, you have to adopt one of the famous series that many players love and keep it exclusive to you for as long as possible, such as Spider Man on Sony PlayStation or Zelda and Mario on Nintendo devices. There are those who buy these devices specifically to get them, so what about if they find what they love on a device they already own, such as the iPhone, and they only have to pay five dollars a month for the whole family?

The most famous example of what an arcade has is the Fantasian game. Which comes from the designer of the famous Final Fantasy series, and indeed the demand for this game is so great, that there are many who do not use the iPhone mainly but want to pay a special arcade subscription to play this game.

Excellent game but I think Apple should increase the number of those games coming from well-known and popular studios.

Almost zero marketing

I never thought I'd write this one day, but Apple's biggest problem with the service is marketing! While marketing is Apple's most talented thing, you won't find any effective marketing for games in the service. They are not shown at major conferences prior to their release, and many Trailers are not released.

Apple should not market the service itself with the same force, but rather focus on marketing games individually and violently, and then put the phrase “available on arcade” at the end of the ad. This will attract a lot of amateurs who are accustomed to paying exorbitant prices, and they may like the service in terms of quality and enjoyment, as well as the low price compared to what they pay for the rest of the services. After all, it is the price of a cup of coffee in many countries.

Long breath fight

Apple announced on Twitter a few days ago that the number of games has reached more than 200 games, and now they can say that there are hundreds of games in the arcade, so is Apple waiting for the service to reach a certain number to start a giant promotion campaign? Or are you waiting for a certain number of users? Or do they think that promoting the service on the App Store only to iOS users when it is opened is more than enough and they have to wait in a long battle of breath? We don't know but I would love to see a change in this strategy to support the service because I'm already enjoying it.

Do you think Arcade needs to change its advertising strategy? Have you tried the service yet or are you not convinced by it? Share your opinion, you enrich the conversation

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