Apple announced the Picture-in-Picture feature a long time ago on the iPad. It is also present on the iPhone since iOS 14. This feature allows watching a floating video while using multiple applications and it works more than smoothly. But I haven't felt it yet all year, and the reason is that it's not on YouTube. For some reason, Google decided to block the feature for a period of years on the iPad and iPhone, but it is now officially launched. Know how to play it.

Subscribe to Youtube Premium

Unfortunately, the company has decided for the time being to give this service only to subscribers of its paid service YouTube Premium, which enables you to watch without ads and listen in the background. The company has stated that it will release it later to everyone in the US but there was a hint that the feature will only be paid outside of it.

(If you are a university student, you can get discounted prices for the service, as well as YouTube provides a reduced family subscription, the price of which in Egypt, for example, reaches 80 pounds per month for a family subscription ($5).


You have to open this site from the browser and log in to your YouTube account. Then you will find the Picture in Picture feature, which you can activate through it and then return to the YouTube application.

Re-download the app

Some users - myself included - the service did not work with them once it was launched. But after deleting the YouTube app and downloading it again it started working perfectly.

Still experimental yet?

I don't know what YouTube ordered with this feature. We have to do all these steps after waiting all this time and paying the money, and in the end the feature is still “experimental”, meaning that the company does not guarantee its durability. Rather, its operating site says that it has an expiration date, which is the 2021st of next October XNUMX. Although it is a feature that many small application developers have added. Is this so hard for Google and YouTube developers?

What happens after the end of time?

Some experimental features are removed from the app after the end of their time. Some of them remain in the application. There is no fixed base. But it is certain that after the end of time, YouTube will request an evaluation of the feature from you, whether on the website or through e-mail. If this happens, choose that this service is essential for the application to work for you if you want it. Also add a comment that it should be free and not paid if you want it. These voices reach the decision makers.

Were you waiting for this feature too? Do you subscribe to YouTube Premium?

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