One of the best features of owning an Apple device is the ability to communicate with users of similar devices via video and audio calls by Face time. The feature supports all devices even the Apple Watch, but of course the watch does not have a camera and therefore it can make FaceTime audio calls. In this article, learn how to make calls from the watch.

How to make a FaceTime voice call on the Apple Watch

To make a FaceTime voice call on your Apple Watch, all you need is an internet connection and no cellular service is required to start, but you may have to at any time. Using FaceTime voice over Wi-Fi instead of a cellular network can improve the sound quality of your calls, compared to cellular networks. (If your watch and country support E-SIM).

And if you want to make a FaceTime voice call on your Apple Watch, it's easy to do so using Siri or the Phone app on your watch.

Use FaceTime on Apple Watch with Siri

◉ Press the Digital Crown and say “Hey Siri.” You can also click on the Siri widget if you've already included it on the watch.

◉ Say “Facetime” and then say the name of the contact.

◉ Siri will then start a FaceTime voice call with the contact you selected.

 FaceTime on the Apple Watch through the mobile app

◉ Open the phone app on your watch and go to your contacts list.

◉ Find the contact you want to call and tap on the name.

◉ Next, on the person's contact page, tap the phone icon.

◉ On the next page, select FaceTime Audio.

◉ Your watch will then start calling the given name.

Do not forgetYou can also use the Apple Watch's built-in Walkie Talkie app to send and receive voice messages in real time, similar to a real walkie-talkie.

Do you use FaceTime to contact your friends? Were you using an Apple Watch? Tell us in the comments below.



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