What concerns us most about our phones is battery life; We can say that it is in the iPhone is good, but not the best. Apple does a great job of maximizing battery life while keeping iPhones thinner in structure than other smartphones in the same price range and great work here. However, when it comes to batteries, bigger is usually better. This is certainly no secret to Apple, so there are rumors that it is currently working on making more space for a larger battery in future iPhones and other Apple devices as well, so how will that be?

Does IPD technology provide better batteries and cameras in the iPhone?

A recent report by DigiTimes showed that Apple is making plans to make the internal components of the iPhone, iPad and MacBook smaller in order to increase the size of the batteries it uses. Apple plans to reduce the size of those components by increasing the adoption and expansion of the use of so-called integrated passive components, or as it is called IPD technology for short.

Where the resistance, capacitors, coils, diode and other components are combined in the same package or in the same place, such as placing two coils on top of each other separated by a thin insulating layer, or the types of diode are also combined, and so on. The meaning of the above for simplicity is that the chips and components will be smaller and thinner, and will achieve higher performance, and thus will provide a lot of space that can be used in the battery or camera.

Apple is constantly working on making the internal components of its devices as small as possible, although this has a negative impact in terms of maintenance, as the phone becomes one piece and it costs to repair one part that changes almost everything. It is worth noting that the report has not yet clarified when Apple will decide to expand the use of this technology.

Recently, Apple released the iMac 2021, which has a slimmer design and yet is one of the most powerful devices. Although it is very likely that the upcoming iPhone 13 will not come with any of these new IPD components, there are many rumors that this year's iPhone will have a thicker chassis, leaving enough room for a larger battery.

What do you think of the IPD technique mentioned in the article? Will it have a significant impact on the phone as a whole and not only on the battery? Tell us in the comments.



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