A friend of mine recently switched from using an Android phone to an iPhone, and he asked me to help transfer his data from Android to iPhone, and this is very easy. He is transferring WhatsApp conversations, and these conversations were important to him, as he uses WhatsApp like most users as a notebook, and uses it to save important papers, and uses it in many things that I personally could not understand, and I wrote an article previously (Don't use WhatsApp as a notes app. Save your information in dedicated applicationsUnfortunately, this is the reality. The important thing is that you know in this article how we transferred WhatsApp conversations from Android phone to iPhone, and how you can also do that transfer WhatsApp messages from Android or iPhone to iPhone.

The secret is AnyTrans

I have tried several things to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone and none of them worked, but AnyTrans He solved the problem in a few simple steps.

AnyTrans is a professional backup and transfer tool, which allows you to transfer all WhatsApp messages from Android phone to iPhone with ease. With just a few steps, you can copy WhatsApp messages with their attachments to your new iPhone. Meanwhile, AnyTrans can help you easily backup and restore WhatsApp chats anytime you want, allowing you to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to iPhone.

The first step:

Download AnyTrans to PC, Via this link

Connect your Android device and iPhone to the computer via USB cables and click “Social App Manager” mode.

The second step:

Click on WhatsApp and then choose the “Android to iPhone” option.

The third step:

Check the source device and the target device, then click the Next button to continue.

The fourth step:

Backup WhatsApp data on Android phone according to the instructions on the interface.

Step Five:

Install the provided version of the WhatsApp application on the Android device, then click Next to continue.

Step 6:

Allow WhatsApp access to your phone's storage.

Step Seven:

Then the process of transferring WhatsApp messages to iPhone begins. The time spent depends on the size of the WhatsApp backup. Please wait patiently.

Transfer completed successfully

Among the most prominent features of AnyTrans:

  1. Backup WhatsApp chats.
  2. Transfer WhatsApp chats From Android to iPhone, or from iPhone to iPhone.
  3. Extract and restore messages back to your device from local backup or from Google Drive backup.
  4. Print or export messages to view anytime you want.
  5. The program transcribes text conversations as well as voice messages, videos, photos, stickers and everything, so you never lose anything from your conversations.
  6. It allows you to backup more data and files from iTunes wirelessly, automatically and manually, which will provide you with complete security against any data loss on your device after updating to iOS 15.

If you need to transfer WhatsApp messages and chats, this program will surely be good for you. Visit iMobie's website to know more about AnyTrans.

This article is sponsored by iMobie

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