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Despite the strong rumors about the design Apple Watch 7 The new flat screen is similar to the iPhone 12, but it came contrary to expectations and came with the same old design, except for changes to the screen area by reducing the edges only, so was there a new design already, but Apple changed plans at the last moment? Or what exactly happened?

Despite early rumors and a lot of talk about production problems and it was possible for Apple to produce the long-rumored flat design, some said, Apple had to abandon it at the last minute and opted for the old design with a slight modification.

And the response to these, and suppose that, was the change sudden and was overnight? Of course, this did not happen, because the completion and approval of the new design was already completed months ago.

Although we don't know exactly how long Apple will put its future devices or watch in, company executives have said that adopting the new iPhone design is about a year before it actually launches, and flat-edged design may be an option already, but not for that. year, and indeed we heard and read about technologies we thought would be in the iPhone 13, but it did not come and is now believed to be for the next iPhone.

Furthermore, even though the Apple Watch 7 has most of the same components as the Apple Watch 6, there are still some very significant design changes on the outside, and none of these things look like the Plan B that Apple might have if it changed its plans. at the last minute.

And the new screen design, which has been completely redesigned by reducing borders and increasing the total screen area, doesn't happen like this overnight, as if Apple installed the screens of the flat watch and put them in the current design, and this can't in any way, it is very clear that it is designed This design has been around for a long time.

Notably, the screen and glass have been redesigned to improve durability, making it more resistant.

Although the new screen has a flat base, it is reinforced with a front crystal that is 50% thicker to protect the screen.

A touch sensor is also integrated into the OLED display panel to create a single unified component and help reduce screen thickness and reduce bezels.

Again, Apple couldn't do these things overnight when its rumored plans failed. These aren't even things that Apple is likely to invest money in just to use it as a back-up plan.

Moreover, while the first rumors of mass production problems were somewhat vague, and partly pointing to the integration of a new health sensor into the watch, both journalist Mark Gorman and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicated that the new screen technology was the main problem.

So what happened to the Apple Watch 7 with flat edges?

To be fair, it's possible that Apple considered making a drastic change to the design at some point in early development for this year's Apple Watch. The usually reliable supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has pointed out that there has been a significant change in the design of the watch shape since November 2020, and this may be among Apple's initial options that were leaked as it is, but it did not adopt it, and it adopted another.

We may not know for sure what happened, but it's still fair to say that a flat-edged Apple Watch has never been in Apple's options for this year's model. However, there are three other possibilities.

◉ Apple prototyped a flat-edged design months ago, but abandoned it completely for whatever reason. This is the design that the leakers saw and spread gossip and rumours.

◉ Or the new design is for Apple Watch 8.

◉ Or Apple planted this information, either as part of a camouflaged intelligence operation to detect the leakers, or to spread the idea and find out whether it will be accepted among people and that they favor such a design or not. It is true that we hoped that there would be a major change in the design of the watch. Apple returned to us that the design remains for two years and then you change and add great features to it. As it happened on the iPhone, Apple approved it with the watch.

◉ In the Apple Watch 2 Apple introduced a built-in GPS, water resistance up to 50 meters, and a dual-core CPU.

◉ On the Apple Watch 3, LTE connectivity and altimeter were supported.

◉ On the Apple Watch 4, the screen was larger, ECG and arrhythmia notifications, fall detection, and a new 64-bit CPU.

And in the Apple Watch 5, it came with an always-on display, compass, and an updated S4 CPU with increased storage space.

And on the Apple Watch 6, a blood oxygen sensor, a brighter permanent display, an advanced heart rate sensor, a U1 chip, and a new, faster CPU called the S6.

◉ In the Apple Watch 7, Apple made improvements only to everything, and there was no drastic change except to increase the screen size by reducing the edges.

As long as there isn't much of a significant change, it is highly expected that there will be a major change in next year's models.

Do you think the Apple Watch 8 will be different? Or is it just improvements? Tell us in the comments.



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