although Apple Watch 7 It came unexpectedly, but Apple's main focus was on the design, as new health features were not added to it as it was rumored, but the new Apple Watch still has some exclusive features, including features that Apple did not mention but appeared in a promotional video, This is other than the existence of a mysterious technology that no one knows the reason for its existence with certainty except some speculation about it. Here are 6 new features that make upgrading to the Apple Watch 7 a must.

6 features that distinguish the Apple Watch 7 from the previous generation

The Apple Watch 7 features a 60GHz wireless transmitter and receiver

FCC files for the new Apple Watch indicate that it transmits and receives data in the 60.5GHz frequency band, which is higher than the sub-6GHz frequencies used for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular data, even Wi-Fi 6E.

This higher frequency is well above the range used by mmWave 5G technology, which is assigned a spectrum of 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz, although most carriers are only using 26 GHz, 28 GHz and 39 GHz at this time.

So does this suggest, in theory, that the Apple Watch could gain support for new Wi-Fi or 5G cellular technologies, although it's fair to say that mmWave support on an Apple Watch would be ridiculous in the first place.

What can be used wirelessly at 60 GHz?

As with all radio frequencies, higher frequencies provide faster speeds, but with a much shorter range.

One speculation is that this high frequency could provide the high-speed data transmission needed to power Apple's future AR glasses.

◉ Evidence in FCC filings indicates the true purpose of the new transceiver, and it appears likely that it is intended exclusively for internal use by Apple support technicians.

In other words, it looks like this may only be intended to allow authorized service technicians to troubleshoot your Apple Watch and possibly even reload its firmware directly, without relying on a wired connection.

◉ The purpose of this technology is to speed up the connection between the iPhone and the watch. While there's probably no practical reason to do so yet, Wi-Fi 5 is more than enough for what most people pass on to their wearables, it could open the door to new possibilities for Apple devices that we don't know about right now, even the U1 chip in The Apple Watch 6 last year has not been used well yet.

◉ There are those who say that Apple is thinking about the future, as it is establishing an ambitious technology in the near future, for example, imagine that the Apple Watch is able to control augmented reality or virtual reality glasses in real time, while at the same time maintaining a wireless connection to the I- user's iPhone.

◉ Another theory is that it demonstrates Apple's desire to move boldly toward a fully wireless future. The Apple Watch has already been an industry leader, eschewing wired connections since the first model in 2014. So, it makes sense that the Watch is the device that will take the next big step.

Why do you think Apple put this technology in the watch?

Bigger screen

This may not be the biggest change or upgrade that everyone expected, but the Apple Watch 7 came with a larger screen than previous models. It is true that Apple did not change the size of the chassis, but it only shrunk the edges, as it came 40% thinner than the Apple Watch 6. The Apple Watch 7 features With 20% more screen space than the Apple Watch 6 and 50% more screen space than the Apple Watch 3.

New exclusive watch faces

Also this isn't a huge upgrade, but Apple said they are exclusive faces only on the Apple Watch 7 which you won't get on any of the older watches due to the larger screen. The first example Apple provided was the Contour watch face, which keeps the number dial on the edge.

There are also other watch faces like the Modular Duo watch, which features two more data-rich multipliers. It might not sound like much, but it's good to know that you'll have more space for more information in your watch screen.

More durable screen

Speaking of screens, Apple confirmed that the Apple Watch 7 was as durable as possible to withstand daily burdens. It features a display that is 50% thicker than that of the Apple Watch 6, making it more crack-resistant than before. This does not in any way affect the clarity of the watch.

The first dust-resistant Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has been waterproof for a few years now, but the Apple Watch 7 represents the first Apple Watch that also has IP6X certified dust resistance certification, so it won't be a problem if you leave it on sand or somewhere with dust. Likewise, the Apple Watch 7 maintains the same WR50 water resistance rating as before, so it will be a better companion for your travels wherever you are.

Faster charging

Apple confirmed that the Apple Watch 7 has a battery life of 18 hours like the Apple Watch 6. But what's different this time is how fast the Apple Watch 7 charges.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch 7 has up to 33% faster charging compared to the Apple Watch 6. You will now be able to charge the Apple Watch to 80% in just 45 minutes, and a charge of just 8 minutes will suffice you for 8 hours, through a USB cable -C and a new magnetic fast charger, which will be included in the box.

Now tell us what do you think, are these features worth upgrading? Or is it not worth? Tell us in the comments.



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