An application that provides a detailed report on your relationship with the people you talk through WhatsApp, an application that enables you to change the appearance of application icons on the screen of your device, an application application that makes browsing the Twitter platform fast, simple and easy, and more in the options of the best applications of the week as chosen by the editors of iPhone Islam It is a complete guide that saves you effort and time in searching among piles of more than one 1,784,439 Application!

IPhone Islam Picks for this week:

1- Application Mimoto

Essential for everyone who uses the WhatsApp chat application, it provides a detailed report on your relationship with the people you talk to and tells you tips how to develop your relationship with them and how the conversation between you is better, but how does he do this? You simply export the conversation to this application (the method is easy and was explained in the application) the application will analyze the conversations in complete privacy and on your device, and tell you very valuable information such as the date of the first conversation between you, who sends more messages and who sends more pictures, who laughs the most, who Reply faster… Scandal Report :) You can turn the report into a picture, and someone might use this app to tell you, “This report proves that you don’t care about me.” Of course you know who one of them is and there is no need to explain further.

Note: Most of the apps are free to download or free for a limited time, but some may contain a monthly subscription, ads, or additional paid features.

2- Application Icon Pack

This application enables you to change the appearance of application icons on the screen of your device, and this is of course available since iOS 14 using How to apply shortcutsAnd this application only offers you a set of consistent icons for more than 100 applications so that you can change the interface of your device to a wonderful, new and different shape, the application supports the Arabic language and this is good and also free.

Icon Pack - Theme Logo Changer

3- Apply Simple T for Twitter

An application that makes your browsing of the Twitter platform fast, simple, easy and without any complexity, and also one of the few applications that supports the Apple Watch and displays the tweets completely and with pictures. Everyone who used the application liked the speed of browsing and the simplicity of the application, and the truth is that the Twitter platform for me is one of the most important platforms, and it is almost the only platform that I use, Follow me on Twitter @iTarek

Simple T for Twitter

4- Application Clean Master

When you have a large library of images there is a possibility that some of these images are duplicates and these images take up not a little space. This app is one of the best duplicate photo library cleaner app, it deletes duplicate and similar photos and frees up space in your device. Fast easy app! It offers accurate results and also unlike all other apps. It works completely for free, and there is an option to pay to remove ads.

Clean Master - Smart Cleanup

5- Application Pistol Database

It is strange that we put an application that includes a database of pistols of various brands, but we know that there are many who love to know the types of pistols, the country of manufacture, the date of manufacture and other capabilities for them, and this application is the largest application in this field and provides all information about pistols. I use it with caution :)

Pistol Database

6- Application i-piQtility

This application is a quick photo editor and it is not used traditionally but rather was made to be used as a quick tool within the official photo application, so if you want to use it after installing it, open the photo library normally and on any image press edit and then choose the three dots above that allow you to use the edit feature The quick photos from the app you support, and this app puts frames for photos and text at the bottom, so it's only useful for quick editing.

i-piQtility for photos

7- game He sighed

Sixit is an adventure game and the widgets are different, you only have six moves each time you run and you have to try the game to understand how it works, but the game is fun and the graphics are very cool as well as the sound effects.

Please don't just thank. Try the applications and tell us which one is better in the comments. Also, you should know that by downloading the applications you support the developers, thus they produce better applications for you and your children and thus the application industry will thrive.

* And do not forget this special application

BG Remover AI

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