Did you know that Google has published an article on its own blog to show off the features of iOS 15 and how it makes its iOS software better? The ad is kinda weird because it looks like an ad for Apple from rival Google.

festive ad format

The ad begins with, “Get ready to hit the refresh button! iOS 15 has arrived and a lot of features are coming that make Google's software work better!".

Continue with focus mode

The ad writer lists the benefits of Focus Mode and continues, “If you always receive a lot of daily notifications, you will find Focus very useful when you need to get work done, study or take a break from the digital world.”

He then goes on to say that Google's programs will send high-importance notifications such as map directions while in focus, and less important notifications such as those of Google Photos will not be sent.

Bigger widget for iPad

A little strange advertisement as this feature will come to all applications and it is expected and does not require an advertisement from Google. But the ad boasts that two Google apps, Photos and YouTube Music, will get a large iPad widget.

Spotlight Search

The writer says that you can now easily search files within the Google Drive app and also within YouTube Music through Spotlight i.e. iOS search from the home screen.

My personal comment

I hope that one of the Google developers is an iPhone reader of Islam. Gotta comment on Google Apps. Most of the new widgets that came after iOS 14 are very bad and impractical for several applications. If you're advertising for iOS features, why are they so bad?

For example, I am a user of Google apps on iOS, especially the Calendar app. Previously, the app's widget (like the image above) was showing tasks over the next several days, which makes sense so I can see what I have to do in the future. Now the iOS 14 widget comes out poorly showing only a day (picture below) even in its largest size. That the old widget is better than the new is a very strange thing.

Do you use Google apps on the iPhone? What do you think of the funny advertisement? You can see the advertisement itself from the link in the source 👇


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