IOS 15 update Now officially available for compatible devices, it's an update packed with new and small features that we'll cover in more detail in upcoming articles, and the new features may change some of the ways you use the iPhone. Here are some important features of the iOS 15 update, get to know them.

Tighten your focus with Focus

One of the biggest new features in iOS 15 is called Focus or “focus” and it reduces distraction, and it goes far beyond Do Not Disturb, and with it you can set up multiple scenarios that give you an unprecedented level of control over the people and apps that can reach you at any time of the day .

iOS 15 will introduce some basic focus modes for things like work, driving, sleep, sports, gaming, etc., and you can customize them and add more. This means that you can cover almost everything in your life.

And for each focus mode, you can control which people and apps send you notifications, along with which calls you can also control. You can also choose to hide the notification badges on your home screen and show custom home screen pages when focus is active to help focus only on the apps you need.

Driving Focus replaces the previous Do Not Disturb While Driving feature, and Sleep Focus replaces the sleep time setting in iOS 14, but both can still work the same way.

With Focus Mode enabled, your status is automatically displayed in messages for friends to see, reminding them not to interrupt you. This focus state works system-wide and across other Apple devices. You also have the ability to turn off focus status so it is not shared.

Third-party app developers can integrate Focus Status into their messaging apps if they so choose. This leads to the possibility that your Focus Status will work with apps like WhatsApp, Signal, or others in the future.

Focus can be easily set up or edited through the settings, and you can set up a number of things you want to focus on time such as the default focus for work, home, vacation or fitness. You can name the Focus anything you want, you can schedule the focus to start and end at a certain time or turn on when you arrive at a location, or you can use the Control Center to turn it on or off as desired.

For more details about the feature and how to operate it, please follow the article
"How to use focus feature in iOS 15"

Spotlight Search

The feature that can be activated by swiping down from the home screen, Spotlight search can now use artificial intelligence to search for images by location, people or even things in your photos such as plants or pets, thanks to the Visual Lookup feature, and with the new Live Text feature Spotlight can find text and handwriting in images.

Images can appear in search results as suggestions as well. So if you type in the word "cat," you'll see your photos appear alongside results from the Files app, the web, Siri Knowledge, and other sources.

Spotlight also supports web image searches, and search results for contacts show recent conversations, shared photos, and location if shared through Find My.

It's also possible Accessing Spotlight through the lock screen This is an important new feature in iOS 15 and some believe it is one of the most important improvements.

And if you don't want your photos to appear in Spotlight due to privacy concerns, you can control what appears in search in Settings - Photos - Siri and Search.

Recognize texts in images Live Text

One of the coolest features in the iOS 15 update, but unfortunately it will not work on iPhone X and earlier devices. In this feature, the iPhone will recognize the text in any of your photos. For privacy reasons, all this is processed directly on the iPhone and in real time without delay through the camera app.

In other words, you can point the iPhone's camera at anything that contains text, and it will be recognized immediately.

You can then click a button to show the found text and copy it directly from the camera app and paste it into any other app.

This feature can also recognize handwriting, and we believe that it will be difficult here if the handwriting is not good, and vice versa, if the handwriting is good, the process will come out in good condition.

That's not all, the feature goes further, as it can detect contact numbers, click on them and call instantly, email addresses, websites, and dates can all be recognized, all of which can automatically open the appropriate apps when you click on them.

Have you updated your device to iOS 15? What feature did you like the most in today's article? Tell us in the comments.



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