In a leaked video clip that was quickly deleted, it claims to be official silicone cases from Apple for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and this confirms the upcoming name of the new iPhone for this year, so is this leak real. Will the next iPhone be called 13, or are there other opinions?

MagSafe iPhone 13 Cases in New Leaked Video

The video was shared last week by [email protected] PinkDon1, and the video shows a set of silicone cases in white boxes, held together by rubber bands, with stickers reading “iPhone 13‌ Pro Max Silicone Case” with the word MagSafe underneath. The video then shows a stack of transparent cans, indicating that the site is a manufacturing facility or distribution warehouse.

The video has since been deleted from the original account that first posted the information, and has since been posted by other accounts. @PinkDon1's account has low engagement and a few recent tweets, so it's hard to make any assessment of the video's credibility based on the source, but it's not unusual to see photos of iPhone accessory boxes pop up around this time of year near the launch.

Most reliable sources were consistent in referring to the 2021 iPhone models as iPhone 13, and an earlier image allegedly of adhesive tapes used to seal Apple product boxes was leaked showing the name “iPhone 13”, but there were some allegations from leakers. Who do not have a track record of reliable leaks that the upcoming iPhone devices will come with the name iPhone 12S.

And earlier this year, a survey indicated that most users do not want the name iPhone 13, because they are pessimistic about this poor number or that it is a jinx number and this pessimism is not permissible in our true religion. All numbers we have are equal, as about 38% said Of the respondents to the survey that Apple should name its next series of phones iPhone 21, while 26% said that iPhone 13 is an appropriate name, and 13% said they want to call it iPhone 12S.

The ‌iPhone 13‌ lineup is expected to be announced perhaps as early as next week, as it will debut a number of new features, including a 120Hz display, larger batteries, new camera features, an A15 chip, and up to 1TB of storage. and more. To follow the news first, turn on iPhone Islam notifications to receive all new and useful.

Do you think these pictures are real? Do you prefer the name iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S or iPhone 2021? Tell us in the comments.



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