Just ended Apple's conference to reveal the family of the iPhone 13. The conference came, as expected, by revealing the latest Apple phones and the seventh generation of the watch and a new version of the iPad mini and the economic iPad. Find out with us the summary of the conference.

The conference began, as usual, with Tim Cook, who reviewed some of the beautiful places in California, which he considers at Apple as the “home” of Apple.

Then he moved on to talk about Apple products and start with Apple TV+.

Tim bragged about Apple winning 130 awards and Apple's work was nominated for more than 500 awards for which they were nominated.

Then view a trailer for upcoming or soon-to-coming Apple TV+ movies and shows.


Tim reviewed the great successes of the iPad and the advantages of the iPad Pro such as the screen, the powerful M1 processor and the iPadOS system, which achieved 40% growth in iPad sales, then revealed the latest generation of the economic iPad.

The iPad comes with the A13 processor for the iPhone 11.

Which means 20% better performance than its previous generation, 3 times better performance than Chromebooks and 6 times better than the most popular selling Android tablets.

The front camera has been updated to 12 MP and a wide angle of 122 MP.

Support Center Stage for video calls and autofocus.

The screen has also been updated to support True Tone and support for the first generation Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. In the end, Apple revealed the price of the iPad and that it will not change, as it will start from $ 329 for a capacity of 64 GB Wi-Fi.

A collage of the most important features of the economic iPad.

The iPad will ship directly with iPadOS 15.

IPad mini

Tim moved to talk about the abandoned device, the iPad mini, where the design was modified and the edges were reduced to 8.3 inches instead of the old 7.9 without a change in dimensions. The iPad comes with 500nits brightness.

The fingerprint has been moved to the top of the device and internally it comes with a processor that provides 40% better performance than its predecessor.

And an 80% improvement in graphics. Apple did not reveal the name of the processor, but its website shows that it is the A15.

Machine learning techniques have been updated to become the fastest vulnerability.

iPad mini colors.

The USB C port was finally supported on the iPad and Apple said it was 10 times over, which means the transition to USB 3.0 or later. And of course Apple reviewed the advantages of moving to C such as hardware connectivity.

Of course, 12G networks are supported. As for the rear camera, it was updated to 1.8 mega-pixels with a pixel-focus feature, a new ISP was used, f/4 aperture, True Tone support, and XNUMXK imaging.

On the front, the same camera as the previous iPad was provided: a 12-megapixel camera and a 122-degree angle with support for Center Stage and autofocus.

The new iPad mini comes with an all-new sound system and headphones, which supports stereo sound in landscape mode.

The iPad mini 2 supports the second generation of the Apple Pencil.

The iPad comes from $499 and will be available in a week.

Of course, Apple did not forget to explain the environmental advantages of the iPad and that it is environmentally friendly.

A collage of the iPad mini features.

Apple Watch

The seventh generation of the Apple Watch has been revealed, which includes a sensor for cyclists that makes the watch able to recognize when they fall while riding a bike.

Apple also revealed total improvements in algorithms for better and more accurate task recognition.

The watch comes with 40% less edges than the previous generation, which made the screen 20% larger than the sixth generation and 50% larger than the third generation. The outer casing has become softer.

The screen is 70% brighter in conventional mode (your arm is down).

Reducing the edges means that the screen is larger which means that the content appears better and clearer.

Some faces have also been specially designed for the new generation.

The watch has become more tolerant of shocks as the screen comes with a layer of protection.

Apple said it comes with an IP6X rating.

And the coefficient of protection against water WR50.

The watch charges 33% faster than previous generations, charging from 0% to 80% in just 45 minutes.

Environmental advantages.

The watch comes at the same prices as before.

Clock colors.

New luxury tires from Hermes.

And this one too.

Apple Fitness +

Apple did not forget to talk about Fitness+ and that it will be available in 15 new countries, including Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Of course a number of new workouts have been added to the watch.

A collage of sports benefits.

IPhone 13

Tim Cook revealed the most important smart device of the year for the world of 2021, and the phone that will be the best-selling in the coming months is the iPhone 13.

The iPhone comes with a new protection layer that is stronger than previous generations.

iPhone 13 comes in 5 colors.

The edges of the iPhone's Notch have been reduced by 20%... The screen comes with xDR technology which makes it 28% better luminous than its predecessor with better power consumption.

The advantages of the new screen (similar to the advantages of the iPhone 12 Pro screen and moved to the economic version)

The iPhone comes with the A15 processor, which uses 5nm technology and includes 15 billion transistors and works with a 6-core processor, of which 2 are primary for high performance and 4 are secondary economics.

The new processor is 50% faster than its competitors.

It comes with a quad-core processor for graphics.

30% better graphics performance compared to iPhone 12.

16 AI cores capable of performing 15.8 trillion operations per second.

It combines the advantages of artificial intelligence and graphics for the new processor.

The iPhone 13 camera also comes dual as the previous generation, but the use of a new sensor and these are the specifications of the new wide camera.

Ultra Wide Camera Features.

The Sensor Shift sensor, which was exclusive to the Pro version, has been moved to the traditional version of the iPhone

Improvements in night shooting features and the addition of Shorter Capture Times.

A new feature has been added that supports Cinematic Mode, which will be detailed in a separate article on the advantages of the iPhone 13 camera and photography.

The feature enables you to capture cinematic quality videos and move the focus professionally.

A photo that combines the advantages of a camera.

Apple explained that it supported a better 5G chip to support 200 operators.

in more than 60 countries.

List of some operators.

Apple said that it used new technologies in the manufacture of the iPhone, which enabled it to increase the size of the battery; Although the iPhone comes with a larger screen and a camera with a higher sensor and 5G support, the battery will be 1.5 hours larger in the iPhone Mini.

And 2.5 hours on the iPhone 13.

An image that combines the most important features of the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13 comes at the same prices, with the mini version starting at $699 and the traditional version from $799

But Apple made it clear that the lower version became 128 GB, not 64 GB.

Apple introduced a new number of MagSafe accessories, new colors and new materials.

In addition to a folder, you can find it if it was separated from the iPhone by registering the phone where it was separated from it.

IPhone 13 Pro

It's time to reveal the higher version, the Pro version of the iPhone 13; And the device includes all the advantages of the traditional version, such as a layer of protection on the screen

In addition to some new improvements, the most important of which are the colors.

It comes internally with the same A15 processor, but with improvements such as that the A15 processor comes with 5 cores, not 4 like the version in the traditional iPhone 13.

Finally, Apple announced support for Pro-Motion, which is Apple's technology that controls the regeneration of screen frames from 10Hz to 120Hz. (And this feature we were waiting for because it will make the display on the screen much smoother)

It is self-controlled by the system which is great for saving battery because a high frame rate like 120 frames per second consumes a lot of battery.

A picture that combines the features of the new screen.

The camera has been improved and these are the advantages of the Wide camera.

Ultra Wide camera features.

Camera Features Tele.

Apple also made it clear that Macro photography was finally supported in the iPhone up to 2 cm and night photography was supported in all cameras.

The ultra-wide lens supports Macro Slo-Mo video shooting.

The battery comes in the best 1.5 hours in the iPhone 13 Pro.

And 2.5 hours in the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

An image of the iPhone's environmental benefits.

A collage of the features of the iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone prices.

The iPhone will be available from September 24th.

Apple conference over

Tell us did you like the conference? What is the most product announced by Apple that caught your attention, and are there any of these products that you are looking to buy?

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