Every year, the Apple conference comes with two things that are certain. The first is that Apple will make a giant show for any product whatsoever. The second is the faucet to complain about how boring the conference was or that the products did not come with more or new ones. Why doesn't Apple ever come up with something new?

I will not, as usual, talk about updates that people overlook or that Apple needs time so that its suppliers' factories can produce technologies in the large numbers and specifications required, but I will address the factors that affect our psychological sense of the event.

That's why the iPhone 13 didn't come as new

Hopes for tech lovers

That's why the iPhone 13 didn't come as new

There is a big difference between the average user and the user who loves technology. The average user wants to buy a wonderful phone with good features to rely on in his daily life for years, then the renewal date comes when it is destroyed to buy another of the same quality or better. You and I (my friend) as tech followers always want a change that satisfies our curiosity because we enjoy the new and the exciting.

Imagine in this scenario the owner of the iPhone 7 (which is still working efficiently until now) but he is tired of his phone and wants to change or that his use is heavy and he has spent the phone, he will look at the newer iPhone starting from 13 mini and find the radical change in specifications, speed and screen Etc., this is a giant change for him, as the new iPhone every year is not intended to tempt those who own the previous year's phone.

Why are the comparisons with the previous year's apparatus always so violent? Simply because technology has become like television or a series we follow. We always want more excitement.

Great material for information

A headline like “This was the most boring Apple conference” or “Why doesn’t Apple bring something new” is an interesting headline and a lot of people will click on it. So tech websites fill up with these headlines year after year.

Apple is a slow company

Everyone considers that Apple has always been that company that pioneered everything innovating new technologies out of nowhere, all because it was the first to launch the smartphone in the form we know and the iOS system, but in fact Apple is a very slow company, always waiting and quietly developing before introducing a feature. For example, the 120 hertz screen that was introduced in the new iPhone would have been considered revolutionary by followers (as happened when it was announced on the iPad) if Apple was the first company to launch it, but we do not feel that it is a sufficient update because we as followers have seen it in several devices before the i -fone. This is not new, as this is the nature of Apple since time immemorial.

Another example is the OLED screens that Samsung has adopted from time immemorial with their bright colors and burning problems. While Apple did not come with an OLED screen until the iPhone X.

Real Buyer Priorities

When comparing companies, each one targets one or more categories of users. You will find phones for the user seeking the best performance and the lowest price, like most phones from Xiaomi companies. You also find phones that target the new lover with adventure, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold foldable phones.

Apple has a specific audience, made up mostly of simple and fluid iOS fans, a software store full of high-quality apps, a camera that produces photos and video that you can trust without a complicated app, and finally, iconic-looking hardware and build quality with ubiquitous accessories.

This applies to 85-90% of iPhone users. They just want the best iPhone available. As for a Xiaomi user, he can switch to Samsung easily if he finds one feature he likes more there. There is no set of reasons that tie it so tightly to a particular Android device.

This gives Apple its time to update

That is why Apple does not have to rush after users and compete with everyone to release the new and unprepared experimental features such as foldable screens in order to be able to prey on the buyer.

You see this on the iPhone SE. You often see $400s trying to pull the user in with one big advantage, like a cheap 120Hz/90Hz screen and gigantic battery like the Oneplus Nord, or a cheap super camera like the Pixel 4A.

As for the iPhone SE, its selling point is not the best screen, or the better camera than others in stages, or the mighty battery. Rather, it is the iPhone, which costs 399 dollars. This is enough for the buyer.

Apple strategy

The iPhone strategy consists of two parts:

Basics Quality Assurance: There are things that Apple buyers assume and those are not up for debate. It is the best performance in the market, so Apple pays attention to improving the processor every year and keeping iOS smooth. Excellent camera, this is a regular update every year. and industry quality.

Small upgrades and exclusive benefits: This is what makes the Apple phone more “mature” with each year in details and makes the user feel good without knowing why. Such as:

  • Haptic touch and XNUMXD touch features though the latter have been removed and are being re-engineered.
  • The find my network that has been developed over the years and now works without the Internet even to find your phone, MacBook, Air Tag, or even your scooter if it supports it.
  • The quality of vibrations in the device.
  • Features such as integration between Apple devices and continuity that allow you to complete your work on any Apple device.
  • Little things in the design like the edges are uniform thickness on all the edges of the device while most other devices have a “chin” at the bottom of the device that is thicker than the rest of the edges.
  • Features, developer tools, and design rules to keep the App Store always ahead.


Finally, leaks play a big role in the lack of enthusiasm after conferences. We know most of the features and design of new devices before they are released, sometimes years. Which leaves us dazed when Tim Cook takes the stage.

Did you feel that the iPhone 13 boring? What about the iPhone 11? And what else iPhone did you feel sexy about? Share your opinion here 👇

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