Over the past two days, there have been rumors from leakers with a fairly accurate history of predicting what Apple would do that the company plans to put a chip in the iPhone 13 that can communicate via satellite. What is the origin of this rumor? Will you be able to connect via satellite with your next phone?

Does the iPhone 13 really connect via satellite?

The technology is already there

There are already phones that can communicate via satellite. They are used for industrial purposes and for communication with professionals who work in places where traditional coverage is not available, such as mountains and forests. But there are many obstacles to using such technology in a phone like the iPhone. The largest is the antenna size required to transmit the signal to the satellite. Apple will have to design completely new antennas that are the first of their kind. It will also need to put a lot of plastic on the edges of the device to allow the antenna signal.

The source of the rumor

The source here is the prediction of the famous leaker Ming Chi that Apple will use the new X60 modem chip from Qualcomm, but in a modified form as it contains satellite communication capabilities early, as it is expected that the rest of the smartphone manufacturers will get the same feature with the X65 chip expected in 2022. With the next generation of phones.

Another expectation is that the technology will only be used for emergencies

Another well-known whistleblower, Mark Gorman, predicted that Apple would use this technology not to make calls and messages via satellite permanently, but to improve access to emergency services only in the absence of traditional coverage. This theory is more plausible since the antenna needed to do such a task is smaller. But it's still too big for an iPhone, and Apple has to redesign that too.

The mare stud in Global Star and 5G technology

After a little research, you will find that all these rumors are related to Global Star, which recently got an agreement with Qualcomm (the maker of telecom modem companies including Apple) to add its own chip to Qualcomm's X65 modem. Global Star is one of the largest satellite communications companies.

But these predictions miss the fact that Global Star has also obtained licenses to develop 5G networks using its N53 chip, which will be integrated with Qualcomm's modem. So it is more likely that Apple will use this chip not for satellite communications, but to improve the 5G network in the upcoming iPhone devices and help them spread. This possibility is increased by the fact that satellite communications are not supported primarily in the usual N53 range and are not used by specialized phones.

Is all this for sure?

Of course not, all of these are analyzes and not confirmed news. May not come any new communication technology in the iPhone 13 and is postponed to the iPhone 14. The technology may come, but to support 5G only. The technology may come and Apple will use it to facilitate emergency calls. Nothing is certain in the world of expectations, but what we have mentioned is an explanation of the largest possible possibilities currently.

Personally, I would like to improve the 5G network in new ways. The millimeter wave technology that telecom networks now rely on for maximum 5G speeds is impractical. Where the signal slows down the farther you are, even a small distance from the transmission towers (which are not scattered in the first place) and can be intercepted and cut off easily if there is anything between you and the tower, such as a building or a wall.

Do you wish to improve 5G networks? Or do you want satellite communication technology? Maybe for an emergency? Share your opinion with us in the comments


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