iOS 15 is a treasure trove full of new features to explore and you can learn the most important features from Here And also HereAnd based on the request of some of our dear readers about the walk away alert feature, we decided to review this amazing feature and how to turn it on which can help prevent you from losing your iPhone anywhere.

Walk away alerts

The new feature is known as walk away alerts, which warns you if you leave one of your devices behind by sending a message to your other devices, meaning that if you have an iPhone and an Apple smart watch, and you forget the watch or iPhone, the device will The other will alert you as soon as it moves away from the other device and this feature is part of the Find My app Find My.

How to turn on the walk away alerts feature

Etiquette rules when using the iPhone

◉ Go to Find My app

◉ Click on Devices at the bottom of the screen

◉ Click on the name of the device you want to set an alert for

◉ Under Notifications, tap Send notification when device is left

Thus the feature is activated which will work when you leave the device behind; It should be noted that not all Apple devices currently support this feature

◉ You can create exclusion zones or trusted zones such as home, where you will not receive alerts when you leave the device.

The system will ask you if you want to apply these exclusion zones to all devices or just a specific device.

Now if you accidentally leave a device behind, it will try to alert you by sending a message to your other devices. Walk-away alerts also work with the AirTag tracker as well as any accessories you have that support Find My, even if they aren't from Apple, but of course the iPhone must be on iOS 15 and later and the iPad on iPadOS 15 and later for the feature to work with them.

What do you think of the walk away alerts feature and do you find it useful for not forgetting any of your devices behind you? Tell us in the comments



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