The Apple conference has just ended, in which Apple revealed the Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max processors and their MacBook Pro, as well as the AirPods 3 and new colors for the HomePod Mini. Learn the details.

Tim Cook started talking and said that the conference will initially focus on music and reveal some new features in music and its services, then move on to the HomePod Mini.

Apple revealed 3 new colors for the HomePod mini headphones, bringing the total number to 5 as follows:

Then Apple revealed the third generation of AirPods

Apple said that it has completely developed the headset from the outside, as the control button has been modified

And internally, Low Distortion Driver has been changed

It has also become resistant to earwax and water and has the addition of Adaptive EQ, like its sister Pro

Developed with a battery life of up to 6 hours of use and up to 30 hours in the case, it can be charged with the MagSafe charger

A collage of the features of the headset

The headset is available to order from today and will be shipped next week

The headset comes at $179, and the price of the second generation has been reduced to $129

New M1 processor monsters

Apple moved on to talk about the MacBook and Tim Cook boasted about the power of the Mac's M1 processors and said it's time to release additional power for Apple's silicon processors to fit the MacBook Pro

And start with the M1 Pro processor

The new processor supports up to 200GB/s in memory data transfer speed and a memory capacity of up to 32GB

Featuring more than 33.7 billion transistors, it delivers 70% better performance than the M1

M1 Pro vs M1 . Comparison

The processor comes with 10 cores, of which 2 are economical and 8 are high-performance

In terms of graphics, it includes a 16-core graphics processor

It offers twice the graphics performance of an M1 . processor

The new processor is dedicated to the processing of media files such as H.264, ProRes Raw, and other files

A collage of the features of the processor

Then Apple revealed the M1 Max processor, which is a double copy of the M1 Pro, which is itself a double copy of the M1... That's why the conference was called Unleashed, a phrase usually used in the sense of unleashing monsters

The Max processor supports a memory data transfer speed of 400GB/s and a memory capacity of up to 64GB

A picture to compare the new Apple processors

The processor comes with a double copy of everything like it supports memory up to 64 GB

It has 32 graphics cores versus 16 in the M1 Pro, as well as two ProRes processor units

Then Apple published several pictures to compare the performance of the processor with energy consumption compared to most processors in the market and the comparisons showed that Apple offers you the same performance with electricity consumption of less than half and sometimes the differences reach 70% and 80%

And this one too

Compilation of the features of the M1 Max processor

In the end, Apple made it clear that the applications will provide amazing performance with the processor, even those that have not been upgraded, you will see exceptional performance for them with the emulator program Rosetta Stone Her own. Of course, Apple reviewed some software and developers who spoke about their fascination with the performance

Thanks to the new Apple processor, it offers a significant increase in ML machine learning techniques up to 20 times

MacBook Pro

Then Apple moved to talk about the Mac devices that come with this processor and they are the MacBook Pro 16 and 14 inches

The devices come with a new design, thin thickness as well as light weight

The MacBook Pro keyboard is the same as Apple's Magic Keyboard, and Apple has removed the famous Touch Bar

The computer comes with an HDMI port, ThunderBolt 4.0, and an SD port on one side

On the other hand, an Aux port and two ThunderBolt 4.0 ports, with the return of the famous MagSafe port for charging, but with a new, advanced version, the third generation.

Apple said that you can connect two Pro XDR monitors with the M1 Pro processor, while with the M1 Max you can connect 3 Pro XDR monitors and a fourth TV screen with 4K quality at the same time.

The edges have been reduced up to 3.5 mm from the sides and the top as well, and the area that has been reduced is where the top bar of Apple is placed.

The modifications made the screen 16.2 inches and it comes with 7.7 million pixels, or specifically 3456 * 2234 pixels.

And the smaller screen is 14.2 inches and 5.9 million pixels, or specifically 3024 * 1964 pixels, which is more pixels than the old version of the 16-inch Mac. The screens offer 1 billion colors

The screen now supports Pro Motion up to 120Hz and can go down to 24Hz

Comes with Liquid Retina XDR technology found in iPad Pro screens

It comes with the same Mini LED lighting and the same quality and technologies that we know from the iPad

The screen comes with a brightness of 1000nits in traditional mode and a maximum of 1600nits of brightness, which is a large number. Apple said that the new Mac screen is the best screen in any PC in the world

The camera has been developed to support 1080p quality, quad lenses, and f/2.0 aperture, and this provides double light in the images

The computer now includes 3 microphones, which Apple said support “studio” quality and is characterized by 60% less noise resistance, which means greater clarity when recording anything or conversations

As for the headphones, it includes 6 speakers, and the headphones can provide bass power 80% higher than previous generations

And, of course, the headphones support Apple's Spatial Audio technology to provide distinctive surround sound

Then Apple compared the performance of the graphics processor compared to the famous cards such as the Radeon Pro 5600M found in the previous generation of 16-inch Mac computers.

Comparing the performance of Apple processors with the i7 processor of the 13-inch MacBook Pro

Graphics comparison of the same devices

Apple said that the SSD storage supports a read speed of up to 7.4GB/s

Moving on to the battery, the 14-inch version supports 17 hours of video playback, which is 10 hours more than the previous generation

While the 16-inch version supports 21 hours of video playback, which is also the largest of 10 hours

The computers come with MagSafe 3.0 support with a power of 140 watts, which enables you to charge the computer up to 50% in 30 minutes. The charger comes with only 16-inch MacBook Pro, while the 14-inch comes with a regular charger and you have to buy the 140-watt charger independently

A collage of the features of the new MacBook Pro

And don't forget Apple to protect the environment

Prices start at $1999 for a 14-inch MacBook Pro with a Pro processor, and $200 to add a Max processor (there are two versions of the Max). The price is also up to $ 2499 for the 16-inch MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro processor and $ 3499 for the version with a Max processor (you can get the lower Mac version for $ 3299).

The version with the Max processor can become 64 GB memory for an additional $ 400, which is the price of $ 3899, with support for storage capacity up to 8 TB. The devices are now available to order and will be shipped next week

What do you think of Apple's new monster M1 Pro and M1 Max? Are you planning to buy a MacBook Pro or is the AirPods 3 what attracted you the most to the conference? Share your opinion in the comments

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