Suddenly and unexpectedly, Apple announced a short while ago the date of an upcoming conference in a week, specifically Monday, October 18 at XNUMX am Pacific time. The conference is held, as usual, in the Steve Jobs Hall at Apple headquarters, but of course without an actual attendance, which will be a virtual conference.

Apple announces a new conference on October 18

Usually Apple held 3 conferences in September and October or November to reveal devices and last year it held 18 conferences in September, October and November. The next Apple conference on October 2018 will be its fourth this year; Since 4, Apple has offered XNUMX annual conferences.

News spoke that the conference will be dedicated to revealing the new MacBook Pro devices, which will come with two screens 14 inches and 16 inches and a developed processor said to be named M1X, where the focus will be in this processor on improving graphics performance. Not many other details about the upcoming Mac devices are known, except for the screen resolution, which will reach 3024 * 1964 for the 14-inch version and 3456 * 2234 for the 16-inch version. It is also said that the memory will be available with a 32GB option, and the devices may see the return of the MagSafe port.

Some sources mentioned that Apple may launch AirPods 3 at the conference, which was expected to be released with the iPhone last month, but we did not see it.

The conference will be broadcast as is usually Apple; Of course, after its end, iPhone Islam will publish an article to cover what's new in it.

So what is the secret of Apple's choice of the unleashed logo for the conference, which suggests that there is a monster that will be launched at the conference? Will we see an M2 processor and not the M1x?

What do you expect to see at the upcoming Apple conference? And will it only be a MacBook Pro and AirPods, or are there any surprises? Share your opinion in the comments

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