Under the slogan “Discover for yourself” this is how Apple treats us, it is usual that it reveals to us only the outlines of the update and leaves talking about some of the features that may be important, and indeed there are some wonderful tricks hidden between the lines in iOS updates taught by its knowledge and ignorance by its ignorance, including A great trick discovered in the iOS 15 update and strongly required by everyone, which is to drag photos from Safari or any application that accepts dragging and dropping photos into the Photos app on the iPhone… Find out how.

Did you know that you can now drag photos directly from your Safari browser or any app that accepts drag and drop photos into your photo library? Not only that, you will be able to drag more than one photo at once and drop them into the Photos app as well, learn how.

How to directly drag photos from Safari and drop them into Photos on iPhone

If you search for images on Google, now you can drag a single image to the corner of your screen, or multiple images and just tap on the images of your choice and then drag and drop them all into your photo library in one motion, just like selecting more than one app and moving them around Another post on the iPhone's home screen, here's how.

◉ Open the page on Safari that contains the photos you want to save to your photo library.

◉ Tap and hold on one photo and drag it to the corner.

◉ Hold on that photo with one finger and then tap on the other photos you want to transfer with your other hand.

◉ Each photo you click will automatically go to the corner with the first photo, creating a stack of photos on top of each other.

◉ Once you have all the pictures you want, use the hand that was tapping on the pictures to bring up the app switcher by dragging the screen from the bottom up.

◉ Open on Photo App

◉ Once you open the Photos app in your library, edit your photos and they will automatically appear in your library.

◉ Of course this trick works with only one photo as well, which means you no longer have to hold down on an image and then click on “Add to Photos” or save it.

💡It is worth noting, that you have to drag and hold one image first and not leave it until you have selected the others and then grouped them all and then dropped into the Photos app, and you need both hands.

Did you know this trick? Give it a try and tell us the results in the comments.


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