One of the biggest changes Apple has made to the Safari app is in an update iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Other than the redesign, it is the ability to use various add-ons in the manner of Google Chrome extensions on Windows, which makes it easier for the user a lot. Prior to iOS 15, add-ons were exclusive to Safari on the Mac. And now developers can modify their applications so that you can use the add-ons on the iPhone and iPad, and there are already a lot of add-ons that you can try, although they are few at the moment. In this article, we list some of the best desktop add-ons already available on the iPhone.

How to install Safari add-ons on iPhone and iPad

The good thing about the extensions is that once the app is installed on the iPhone and iPad, the extension will be available, but there is a little trick if you only want to search for apps that have an extension on Safari or if you want to find the ones in this list.

◉ Open Settings.

◉ Scroll down and then Safari.

◉ Scroll down again and tap on Extensions.

◉ Click More Extras.

You will be redirected to the App Store, where you will find a bunch of apps with Safari extensions or add-ons to try.

On the other hand, you can also manage the extensions you have already installed from Safari itself. Just do the following:

◉ Open Safari.

◉ Press the Aa button. You will find it on the left side of the URL bar.

◉ Click Manage Extensions.

◉ Toggle the extensions you want to turn on or off.

Here are eight great safari accessories that are worth a try

Grammarly tool

If you always write on your iPhone or iPad, you need to give Grammarly a try. It is one of the best grammar extensions for Safari that you can use. You'll get real-time suggestions for fixing spelling errors.

And the great thing is that you can use Grammarly even outside of Safari. You can switch to Grammarly keyboard and let it help you write the best messages without any errors.

You can use Grammarly for free, and that will be enough to help you fix spelling and grammatical errors. But if you want more help, you'll need to sign up.

 1Password Tool

Using different passwords on different platforms is one of the best ways to avoid being hacked. If you have many accounts, it will be difficult to memorize the login data to them, and having too many passwords is also difficult, and this is where the 1Password tool from one of the best password managers available today comes in and it is a well known and well known program. You can quickly store all your passwords and login to any website or any app with a single click. Plus, it's extremely secure, so you don't have to worry about someone getting all of your passwords or private information.

Dark Reader Tool

This tool is great and in demand and it adds a dark mode to every website, even if it doesn't support it. And if you are an avid reader and constantly surfing websites especially at night before bed, then here you need a Dark Reader to at least protect your eyes from blue light. And you can add different filters to help you rest your eyes better. This extension also helps you adjust brightness and contrast settings in real time.

Language Tra tool

If you are looking for a complete translator, this is one of the best translation tools, this language translator can translate words and texts into more than 100 languages. What's more, it works even in offline mode. You can even directly translate the selected text and send it to email, note apps or social media with one click, this tool is paid and expensive, I have not come across a free tool yet.

Hyperweb Tool

This tool improves your browsing experience in Safari. They are non-disturbing and keep you focused on the content you are looking for. This extension comes with several options that you can add to your browser with just a few clicks. You can block ad tracking, disable cookies, or have automatic suggested improvements almost instantly.

You can also add custom CSS and Javascript to any web page. For example, you can block ads, disable video autoplay, and even allow picture-in-picture, and you can also create and enhance your own improvements or have one of the many options suggested in the Hyperweb Gallery. All in all, this is a solid plus that you will be delighted with.

Bring! Shopping List & R

If you are looking for a place to store and find all your shopping lists and recipes, Bring is a great fit, where you can easily create and share your shopping lists and recipes with the people around you. These lists sync automatically, so everyone knows when they're updated. What's more, you can find different recipes, and if you are browsing the web, you can save your favorite recipes directly from Safari.

Amplosion Tool

Another simple add-on that you might want to use, helps you redirect AMP links and websites to their regular counterparts, so you get a better experience, and for those who don't know AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, to create a simple mobile website that loads faster on devices portable. While it sounds useful, it can also be annoying to some, and the Amplosion tool is here to make this better. And the best part is that Amplosion is an open source extension, which means that you will have complete control over the extension at all times.

Apollo أداة Tool

Whenever you find a link to the site iPhone Islam or YouTube, for example, anywhere, the extension will allow the Apollo app to open the link and not redirect you to the app.

What do you think of these tools? And which one did you like? And if you know of a tool that can be added to Safari, let us know in the comments below.



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