Have you ever left your iPhone somewhere and didn't realize it until after you walked away from it? You may realize it quickly, you may forget, and it may be stolen from you? We are all that person. The good thing is, that the Apple Watch can now alert you if you forget the iPhone, not only that, it applies to any other Apple product. In addition, there are other features of the Apple Watch to help you find your iPhone once you return to the location where you left it. Read on to find out how to adjust this.

Enable the alarm when you forget the iPhone through the Apple Watch

First and foremost, you must have an iPhone running iOS 15 or later, and an Apple Watch running watchOS 8 or later.

◉ Open Find My on your iPhone.

◉ Click on Devices. Devices indicates all Apple devices, and Items shows your AirTag.

◉ Tap on your iPhone.

◉ Select Notify when Left Behind or Notify me if I leave my iPhone.

◉ Then activate the alert when leaving the iPhone.

◉ You can also exclude your home so you won't be notified if you leave your device in it, through the Notify me except at section.

Notify Me, except At can be useful for a device you generally leave there, like a MacBook, but you may want to skip this for the phones or AirTag on your keys or purse so you won't be notified if you leave them at home as you want them with you at all times.

Find the iPhone using the Apple Watch

If you get an "Apple Watch iPhone Left Behind" alert, you can use your Apple Watch to help you find your phone. There are two ways to help you find it:

◉ If you know your iPhone is close to you, but you can't find it, the simplest thing to do is to test its connection with your Apple Watch. And to do this:

◉ Swipe up on the watch face to open Control Center.

◉ Click the phone icon, and your iPhone will make a noise to help you find it.

◉ If you can hear the sound but you can't see the iPhone because it's too dark, you can also tap and hold the phone icon. Your iPhone will beep and the camera flash will flash.

◉ If you can't hear your iPhone, it may be out of range or turned off. In this case, you can try something else.

Use Find My on the Apple Watch to find your iPhone

Find My was limited to the Apple Watch, but with watchOS 8 and later, it can work independently and more broadly to find your Apple devices, including your iPhone. And to do this:

◉ Press the home button through the digital crown.

◉ Click on Find Devices. FindMy has been divided into three separate apps depending on whether you want to find an Apple device, AirTag, or a contact.

◉ Select your iPhone.

◉ You will be able to see where your phone is on the map and an approximate address under it.

◉ Under Search, you will be able to select Play Audio to play a sound on your iPhone.

◉ You can also set directions; This will help you navigate to your device by giving you directions to drive, bike, use public transportation, or walk to where your iPhone was last seen.

Now you have the tools to not forget the iPhone, as well as how to find it if it is lost via the Apple Watch.

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