It was the old way to track a device IPhone Lost or stolen is for the phone to report its location from time to time so that you can discover its location on the map, but this method was easily overcome as the thief turned off the device immediately after it was stolen and it was over. Even for the old lost iPhones, it was possible Track it until the battery runs out and then say goodbye to your device, but in the new iOS 15, the situation has changed as Apple significantly raised Find My.

Apple Adds iPhone Tracking to Find My Networks in iOS 15

new operating system

The iPhone is still a great target for thieves as an expensive device, and over the past years, Apple has sought to make things difficult for thieves through steps that reduce its usefulness as a stolen device. Indeed, thefts decreased. And now with iOS 15, Apple has added the ability to track an iPhone through the Find My network, even when it's turned off, and this new method is much better and shows how much Find My has improved.

A new level for the Find My network

As I said a while ago, the thief was resorting to the trick of turning off the device but when it is turned off it literally does not stop working instead, the iPhone continues to emit a weak Bluetooth signal similar to what happens with the AirTag tracker where this unidentified signal is captured by Any Apple device passes near the location of the stolen iPhone, and then the location is sent to the company's servers until you turn on the Find My service.

This feature is only available for iPhone devices that have a U1 chip since iPhone 11 and later

When you launch the new Find My app, iOS 15 queries the location of your missing iPhone from Apple's servers and tells you the location, and if the AirTags tracker has been running for a year or more on one small battery, the larger iPhone battery will be able to survive for a longer time even if it is not full charged. The great thing is that the feature works even if the thief wipes the iPhone and you will continue to locate it without any problem.

Also there is a separation warning feature that alerts you if you leave your place without your iPhone, for example, let's say you left a coffee shop and put the iPhone in your pocket, but you forgot the iPad or perhaps the Apple Watch on the chair. You'll immediately receive a warning letting you know, you can also mark places that don't receive an alert when you leave your devices like home or the office.

Point of view

Do you remember the movies where a person or law enforcement agencies try to track users’ phones to reach a specific person, the matter has become available to Apple users through the Find My network, which relies on millions or perhaps billions of Apple devices scattered everywhere in the world that can search for each other with all Ease and so it may be difficult for your devices to be lost or stolen anymore.

What do you think of Find My network and its ability to locate the iPhone after closing it or erasing what's inside, tell us in the comments



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