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The devices that many Mac users in the world have been waiting for have finally been revealed. It is an advertisement for the professional hardware of the MacBook Pro. Which came against a lot of the usual from Apple, where many previous decisions were undone and the missing ports and the MagSafe charger were returned. Also, the strength and specifications of the devices came to break the performance of all laptop processors in the market and most graphics cards. In this article, we analyze the advantages of the new MacBook and explain why its price, which may seem high at first glance, is in fact very competitive.

The new MacBook Pro might be cheaper than you think

Processor power

The new MacBook Pro might be cheaper than you think

This year, the MacBook Pro comes with a major revamp in the processor. Fortunately, Apple has listed the devices it has been compared with this year. So we can objectively imagine the performance before the release of the device.

The processing power comes to make the new MacBook twice as fast as the eight-core i9 processor found in the previous generation 16-inch MacBook Pro. By doing some calculations, you find that it is 1% more powerful than the previous M70. The M1 was close in performance to the i9-9900K desktop computer, which is the most powerful processor from Intel dedicated to the user. So, since the new one is more powerful, it not only precedes laptop processors, but also far ahead of full-powered computer processors.


A powerful graphics card is what most professionals lack in the M1 processor last year, especially since Apple processors do not support external graphics cards. With the new processors, Apple has increased performance a lot. It now exceeds the graphics processors (screen card) 3060 Ti and 3070 from nVidia, and its performance is close to the 3080 processor when it is running on a power consumption of 100 tdp. Considering that the 3080 is the most powerful graphics processor available for a laptop in the market so far and you can only find it in very thick gaming laptops. And if you want to imagine how powerful it is, the 3080 processor can run most modern games on the highest graphics settings (Ultra, Max). As well as the new MacBook processor.

Look at the size of laptops with a dedicated gaming graphics card, huge isn't it?

We know this because the device with which the top graphics were compared is the MSI GE76 Raider (11UH-053) and its specs list is in the image below the paragraph.

Thus, the MacBook has moved from the category of medium graphics to the highest graphics processors in the market or beat them.

force anywhere

There is an important thing that may not be noticed by many, which is that all powerful Windows laptops currently do not work at their maximum strength when using the battery, but rather must be connected to electricity to obtain the highest performance, and this is because the processor and the large graphics processor need power.

The new Apple design allows the processor to work at maximum power while using the battery anywhere because it is radically more energy efficient.

Screen and audio system

This year, the MacBook Pro's screen has been significantly improved, making it a Retina XDR like the iPad Pro. That is, it's a Mini-LED type to give you great contrast in colors while maintaining the usual Apple color accuracy without the need for OLED screens and its known drawbacks. The screen comes with 1000 nit continuous brightness, 1600 nit peak brightness and Pro Motion (120Hz refresh).

The audio system was also developed this year, and we don't know how exactly it is because it must be tried first, but the old audio system in the MacBook was really the best on the market. So it is safe to expect that the new will still be the best on the market.

The strange thing is that a bump has been added in the screen to increase the size of the camera and reduce the edges, but the device does not come with a face ID and it still works with a touch ID only.

Battery and fast charging

It's common knowledge that higher gear devices come with a rather modest battery. But Apple says that the new MacBooks come with a battery similar to the MacBook Pro M1 which is about 17/20 hours, but this is with “video playback” and 14 hours of browsing via Wi-Fi, which is about 10-14 hours of normal use. And we have to wait for the hardware until we know how long it will last with high pressure from professional software but expect 5-10 hours of high pressure depending on the program.

Choose the right size for you

Before, you had to buy a large 16-inch MacBook if you wanted the best performance, but now you can buy the 14-inch MacBook Pro if you want the smallest size with the possibility to get the best capabilities.

'New?' outlets

One of the funniest events of the conference is the Apple representative's talk for perhaps more than five minutes about the ports that she returned to the Mac after removing them 😂.

(collection) Features

MacBook comes with features that rarely meet in one device, you are either looking for a thin and smooth device but with weaker performance or a powerful and thick device. For a device that has an excellent battery or a device that has a great screen and an aspect ratio of 16:10 that is suitable for work. There is currently no device that has all the features at the same time as the MacBook Pro 14 and 16.


The 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $2000 (about 8500 AED with tax), and the 16-inch MacBook Pro starts at $2500 and tops out at $6100 if you buy 8TB of storage and 64GB of RAM.

Does the price seem high to you? So this device is not directed at you in the first place. The MacBook Air, priced at $999, or $800 in the Student and Teacher offer, is the perfect fit for most of us. When you compare the new MacBook Pro with similar devices in capabilities, you will find that it outperforms most of them with a price that is either similar to it or less. For example, the MSI GE76 Raider 11UH-053 that was compared to above costs $3400. But it comes with a slower processor than the MacBook Pro and a much lower 1080p screen.

The Dell XPS 17, a direct competitor to the MacBook 16, starts at $2200 and goes up to $5400 with good processors from Intel, but it's less fast than the MacBook Pro, an RTX 3060 or 3050 graphics processor that's slower than the MacBook Pro, and a worse battery.

What do you think of the new MacBooks? Do you think that Apple has finally reached the point? Or are there shortcomings that you wish? And what do you think of its price? Share your opinion

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