An app that offers the fastest way to share your social media and contact information, an app that makes a video with cool number effects for your photos, a video conferencing app that's the easiest and fastest, and more in the options Best Apps of the Week as chosen by iPhone Islam editors as a complete guide that provides You have to spend time and effort searching among the piles of more than one 1,862,263 Application!

IPhone Islam Picks for this week:

1- Application OA Tag

When you meet someone and want to share your contact information with them, it is not easy to share your name and phone number, but most of us also want to share more, and this application is the fastest way to share your social media and contact information! You can share a profile OA Tag Fully on the spot with anyone you meet. It doesn't need a special app or anything… The cool thing about this app is that you have complete control over what you share, not everyone you want to give the same information to. The application is very easy and you can customize your profile however you like simply by drag and drop. The app is free for a while and will soon be $XNUMX a year, so download it now.

OA Tag
$ 9.99
Mohammad Albakour
Size87.5 MB
Available on the software store

Note: Most of the apps are free to download or free for a limited time, but some may contain a monthly subscription, ads, or additional paid features.

2- Application Mockview

This app offers you an easy and smooth way to create mockups for most of the different Apple devices. It is very useful for creating unique pictures with a frame for one of the Apple devices, for example, if you take a screenshot of your device, you can make an amazing picture by placing an iPhone frame with a beautiful background. This picture is an example of that. Did you notice something in the picture?

Balaji V
Size118.6 MB
Available on the software store

3- Apply Actions

Personally, I think that the best feature in Apple systems is the application of shortcuts, and I have many shortcuts that make it easier for me… For example, an shortcut that sends a greeting message from a list of messages to my mother every morning, an shortcut that sends to my wife the expected time of my arrival home, and a shortcut that tells me when the next prayer time when I ask Siri This app offers a set of additional commands to help build better shortcuts. Of course, this app is not for hobbyists, but it's for shortcuts professionals.

Sindre Sorhus
Size6.0 MB
Available on the software store

4- Application Slideshow Master Pro

A completely free and unique application that makes a video with great effects for a number of your photos and collects them for you in a wonderful video that you can share with your friends, the application contains more than 150 effects so you will always find what suits your taste.

Slideshow Master Pro
80 Degree Photo Studio
Size87.1 MB
Available on the software store

5- Application Whereby – Video Meetings

Video conferencing app is one of the easiest apps that I have used. You can start meetings and then send a link to anyone and they will be able to talk to you no matter what operating system you are using, there are also other features in-app chatting, voice-only mode, and more. One of the best features is the ability to immediately join a video meeting without having to log in.

Whereby - Video Meetings
Video Communication Services AS
Size48.0 MB
Available on the software store

6- Apply NFCTools

iPhones are equipped with NFC technology, but unfortunately Apple does not give freedom to use NFC cards to read or write on them, this application enables you to read and write NFC tags using a simple user interface. By passing your device near an NFC chip, you can read the data it contains and interact with the content.

Size4.0 MB
Available on the software store

7- game Super mombo quest

A new game released just today and is one of the great games that many Mario fans have been waiting for. The game is undoubtedly fun, and worth trying.

Super mombo quest
Eurobe Game Studio
Size1007.1 MB
Available on the software store

Please don't just thank. Try the applications and tell us which one is better in the comments. Also, you should know that by downloading the applications you support the developers, thus they produce better applications for you and your children and thus the application industry will thrive.

* And do not forget this special application

Time Flies - the speaking clock
Size94.9 MB
Available on the software store

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